Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

November 26

258 Henrietta St Moved in and very soon realised there were cockroaches

105 Kenwood Ave There is an active cockroach infestation.

Howard Johnson Cleveland Airport Customer service is terrible, the beds

6201 Franklin Blvd I came home to my dad''s house from being in a hotel

4615 E 131st St I visit my boyfriend (he lives in apartment 203)from ti

1744 Barclay St There is a tenant on the second floor who is keeps his

1061 E Battlefield St I have been living at Greystone Apartments an Spr

November 25

270 15th St This entire building is infested with bed bugs. We found th

23161 Via Coconut Pt Have stayed exclusively at this hotel for months f

520 SE 2nd St The whole building is full of bed bugs and roaches. I als

1800 Watrous Ave Wakonda Manor. August 16th, 2020. The whole building i

Quality Inn Shenandoah Valley I checked into the hotel 11/21/2020 and w

55 Triller Ave Disgusting!! Do not move in. Trust me. It looks beauti

3301 Mineola Hwy Tyler inn and suites. First night in the room checked

5 Massey Sq At the beginning of October 2020, the 8th floor of 5 Massey

November 24

492 Range Lake Rd Found Bed Bugs in my bed and loveseat. Have been in t

33 Shore Breeze Dr Bed bugs in a condo unit for 2 months.