Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

November 29

2740 W King Edward Ave We have had almost a year of treatments in vario

November 27

2121 Dundas St The unit is a disaster. BED BUGS throughout teh build

November 24

833 Seymour St Stayed at an AirBnB in this condo. Place was very nice,

November 09

525 E 5th Ave Bed bugs found in a suite on the fourth floor. Pest contr

October 22

645 Howe St This is the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver by Marriott. I sta

October 18

1555 E 6th Ave There is currently a full blown outbreak of bed bugs on

October 17

801 E 6th Ave 2 different occasions found bed bug crawling in the wall

1209 E Broadway On the fourth floor of the building, we initially found

October 02

1516 Davie St Bedbugs are all over the 12 stories building now (October

September 26

1777 W 7th Ave suspecting bedbug pest control on site for investigatio

September 22

520 W 7th Ave Two suites on two floors have reported bed bugs and landl

August 31

Homer St 606 - 1323 Homer St. The apartment was very clean but we found

August 30

1123 Burnaby St Started getting hives on my arm on awakening about 4 da

August 16

1249 Howe St For the past few years back I have been watching this issu

August 12

189 E 16th Ave

1945 Barclay St Bed bugs have been noticed a few times. Owners do nothi

August 08

41 E Hastings St Multiple floors are infested with bedbugs as of June 2

July 31

3520 W Broadway July 30, 2019 Found bed bug colonies in our new (not s

July 30

2096 SE Marine Dr house owned by government ive lived here for years 1