Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

September 21

1155 Harwood St Multiple tenants complaining about bed bugs and managem

September 20

688 Alexander St The building has a large infestation of mice. 08/06/2

September 16

1345 Nelson St Sept. 15th, 2021 Numerous apartments have them, on at

September 07

3423 E Hastings St 1 bed bug was found

786 E Hastings St the problems mentioned above are still happening, and

September 06

7330 6th St DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY We were in a room for

September 04

3115 Quebec St I've been in this building for close to 10 years and the

August 31

2505 Fraser St August 2021 I have lived in a unit on the left side for

August 28

801 E Broadway Large bedbug infestation. Nerve agent treatment didn’t

August 23

2150 Oxford St slumlord ; bld has cockroaches and bedbugs