Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

August 16

1249 Howe St For the past few years back I have been watching this issu

August 12

189 E 16th Ave

1945 Barclay St Bed bugs have been noticed a few times. Owners do nothi

August 08

41 E Hastings St Multiple floors are infested with bedbugs as of June 2

July 31

3520 W Broadway July 30, 2019 Found bed bug colonies in our new (not s

July 30

2096 SE Marine Dr house owned by government ive lived here for years 1

1440 E Broadway There was several bed bugs and then he evicted us inste

February 01

1251 Cardero St Moved into furnished suite on 4th floor September 2015.

January 28

1748 E Pender St Hello, I've lived here for two years this March and

January 27

621 E 7th Ave I had been getting the occasional itchy bite, so I decide

January 26

1086 Bute St January 2016: Long time resident, for seven years. This is

1278 Granville St I've lived at 1278 Granville st since 2010. I was jus

January 25

1210 Jervis St May 2013 - 4th floor tenant had huge infestation. When s

888 Pacific St I had 3 times bitten since summer and not sure what it w

January 24

370 Jackson Ave This is a low cost housing unit and full of bed bugs an

January 22

1250 Comox St I'm thinking of renting an apt in this building when one

January 21

1348 Barclay St I'm thinking of renting in that building. Are there st