Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

November 24

800 Jackson Ave August 2019, top floor south side bedroom full of multi

November 23

1035 W 12th Ave someone should murder the son he deserves it

November 18

3115 Quebec St I have lived on the 2nd Floor for 9 years and the newer

November 17

133 E 7th Ave Caucasians fear one thing the most: turning into white tr

November 14

1844 Barclay St First encountered Nov. 1st, 2021. Just bites. First bug

November 12

320 Abbott St NOVEMBER 2021 This place is INFESTED WITH BED BUGS!!! TH

October 30

1945 Barclay St Currently outbreak of bedbugs on upper floors. Latest m

October 29

1222 Pendrell St Things seem to have improved over the last few years w

October 27

1436 Graveley St Theres been a bed bug infestation at 1436 Graveley Str