Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

June 04

725 W 70th Ave Bedbugs still happening 2023. Manager is useless. Roache

June 02

2199 Wall St I moved into a "newly renovated" unit a year ago and immed

May 31

1650 E 5th Ave Confirmed bed bugs in a unit on upper level floor May 20

May 26

2255 Pandora St (as of May 2023) 1 apartment infested with bedbugs 5+

May 25

2570 Hemlock St This building is infested with silverfish. For a time i

May 21

4105 Arbutus St A few months ago i heard from the suite downstairs from

April 26

388 Skeena St Woke up with bed bug bites in November, 2022. Reported th

April 22

107 E Broadway can anyone please tell me if this building is still deal

March 31

1918 Haro St Lived here from 2014-2021, an older 3 story wooden framed

March 21

2570 Hemlock St No bedbugs but as previously mentioned this building is

March 08

3662 Knight St For the past two months the tennant upstairs from my sui

February 26

2056 Franklin St An entire floor had bedbugs. The landlord came around

January 25

1188 Pendrell St It is a daily nightmare. I get sprayed on a regular ba

2575 Windsor St Bed Bugs, ongoing issues here. the live-in manager's su

January 20

2130 Cambridge St In 2022/2023 there has been an outbreak of bedbugs on

January 19

801 6th Ave E Go to google and enter 801 e 6th ave bed bug registry van