Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

April 15

494 Runnymede Rd Roaches everywhere, dead and alive. It’s disgusting.

176 The Esplanade We had a bad bed bug infestation that stretched 3 uni

April 14

146 Augusta Ave Bedbugs in many of the 18 rooms starting 15 months ago.

400 Walmer Rd April 14, 2021. Family friend has bed bugs on 2nd floor i

April 13

190 Jameson Ave The new management for this company is outstanding; ver

April 12

550 Jarvis St Lots of roaches in this building. I have lived here over

April 09

33 Lombard St Bedbugs found in the unit coming for the unit next door.

April 08

2396 Bloor St W Apartment infested with bed bugs. We had to spray 7 tim

April 05

3950 Lawrence Ave E I have moved here since 2015 always there cockroach