Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

March 02

22 Close Ave There are bugs here, and rodents on lower floors. Even rat

2 Regal Rd Bed bugs confirmed since May 2020. Had a couple treatments b

February 27

2529 Lake Shore Blvd W february 2020 my unit and all my floor had a bed

420 Mill Rd According to long term residents, this condo has been deali

February 26

1580 Bathurst St Started experiencing bites and bloodstains in our bed

3000 Dufferin St I have lived in this building for awhile now. The issu

February 25

370 Ridelle Ave We had bedbug in this apartment, rude landlord no carin

February 23

700 Ontario St The bed bug issue now becomes more serious in my apartme

3050 Pharmacy Ave On Feb 19 2021 I woke up with what appeared to be a s

70 Gloucester St Confirmed Bed bugs in September of 2019 and an absolut

February 22

9 Crescent Pl Bed bug all over the place, the full building is infested

156 Kingston Rd Bed bugs often seen in shared laundry room and second f

1 Massey Sq I was living in a shared room on 30th floor on august 2020

30 Tuxedo Ct In 2020 some of the apartment were attacked with bed bug.

February 20

1221 Shaw St House has a massive, widespread bed bug infestation in all

February 19

255 Dovercourt Rd Management was told by multiple tenants that there ar

February 18

170 Sudbury St cockroaches in this building

February 17

707 Dovercourt Rd Does anyone by chance have an update on the current s

February 16

5 Glenavon Rd Run for your life! Do not move into this building. I had

February 15

494 Runnymede Rd The building is infested and not maintained. LAZY SUPE

2743 Victoria Park Ave I recently reported my 2020 bedbug infestation w