Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

November 07

392 Sherbourne St Ongoing problem of cockroaches, occasional bed bugs a

November 06

35 Wynford Heights Crescent Lots of bed bugs and cockroaches in this bu

November 05

634 Sentinel Rd got bed bug bites

November 04

100 Sprucewood Court There are cockroaches in the building. However, th

1540 Victoria Park Ave Place has roaches.

November 02

83 Corbett Ave We lived here for a year and it was terrible roaches com

November 01

91 Jameson Ave BEDBUGS. STAY AWAY.

October 31

66 Isabella St Entire East tower is now being inspected, and treated wh

October 30

7 Birchlea Ave Today is October 29th 2019 I am so happy I am moving fro

October 24

52 Dundonald St I cannot believe that there aren’t any reports for th

October 22

90 Eastdale Ave Since after week i moved in, started waking up with bum

October 21

3950 Lawrence Ave E This place is a dump! No matter what you do or how

280 Wellesley St E Definitely encountered bedbugs. This building has ha

October 20

3000 Dufferin St Here we are, 2019. Building still has them. And the pr

October 19

74 Curlew Dr Been here a few years often having issues with silverfish

October 18

1060 Sheppard Ave W The first sign of a bedbug was October 5th, 2019. I

100 Wellesley St E Bed bugs within a week of moving in. And then buildi

October 17

29 Ivy Ave I want to revise my previous statement: March 2019 landlo

1094 College St Sept 2019 - started waking up with bites. Found one bed

October 16

222 Spadina Ave We were on vacation with my husband, 4 days in Toronto,

October 15

80 Forest Manor Rd Building location is very convenient and neighbourho

October 14

55 Triller Ave We have had bed bugs twice since springtime 2019. Build

October 13

16 Wyper Sq I was living there as soon as i got into canada and i had l