Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

May 26

650 Parliament St Lots of Bedbugs and cockraches. The Property Manager

77 Howard St I have lived here for 2 years on the 16th floor. They have

May 25

2451 Queen St E May 22 Bed bugs travelled throughout the top floor. One

May 22

15 Cougar Ct The Staff is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Everything is always c

May 21

2335 Lake Shore Blvd W I am new here and found bed bugs crawling. I fou

May 20

3000 Dufferin St Every night we wake up with bites and they came and sp

May 18

212 Lippincott St We have had bed bugs spreading throughout the house o

450 Walmer Rd We got bed bugs here in 2016. I believe it was an isolate

May 15

331 High Park Ave This is a duplex building, run by slumlords who don't

140 Erskine Ave There are bed bugs in the building. My friends live the

May 14

1119 Lansdowne Ave Today is Thursday, May 14th. I live in a semi detach

May 03

25 Cougar Ct This place is full of cockroaches and more sinister bed bu

April 28

666 Spadina Ave Bed bugs seen in my apartment April 25, 2020. This plac

88 Erskine Ave Cockroach infestation even on upper floors. Moved in

33 Isabella St Cockaroaches...

April 27

2547 Lake Shore Blvd W I have lived in this building for two years and

April 24

2 Antler St Found Bed Bugs on two of 4 mattresses

April 21

99 Dowling Ave I've lived in the building for a few years now almost ev

2700 Lawrence Ave E I have been living here for 23 years of my life. Th

April 17

157 St George St Entire house is infested with bugs and nothing is bein

109 Jameson Ave Bed bugs poor management threatening superintendents an

April 16

15 Dundonald St There were bedbug in that apartment wide spread in mult

April 15

751 Marlee Ave Apt. 3 is infected. The main tenant (Tony) is disgusting

April 12

3000 Dufferin St April 10, 2020 I woke up in worst nightmare. My whol