Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

June 06

488 University Ave

June 04

1550 Queen St E Definitely bed bugs in this building. The fact that eve

May 26

33 King St Moved in to this building under 6 months ago and I have had

May 25

55 Bleecker St Unit infected for weeks. Lack of response from building

May 23

66 Broadway Ave Yes, bedbugs and cockroaches. Asked before I moved in,

May 22

100 Bain Ave There a number of members that, how we say, are hoarders,

May 19

565 Sherbourne St May 19, 2023: Update for the bedbug situation submitt

400 Walmer Rd Over the past number of months, bedbugs have appeared fro

565 Sherbourne St May 18, 2023. A pest control guy came around to check

May 17

2112 Davenport Rd The entire house has bugs. They've been here since 20

May 15

190 Jameson Ave I went to this building to visit friends and when I wok

77 Gerrard St W Multiple apartments affected. The landlord is trying di

May 14

280 Wellesley St E I kept cleaning my unit from bedbugs they had, pest

May 12

71 Thorncliffe Park Dr Been struggling with the bugs for about 2 years

May 11

176 The Esplanade Has the bedbug and cockroach problem been taken care