Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

July 21

167 Church St bed bugs

1441 Lawrence Ave E Cockroaches found in abundance in this building.

February 02

240 Belfield Rd bedbugs in room 325 with so many bite at first i though

103 Avenue Road ROACH / BB HOTEL~! AVOID AT ALL COST. BF finall

45 Balliol St Live on the 5th floor of 45 Balliol. Have had cockroaches


February 01


55 Emerson Ave Stay away from 346 St Clarens. The place is COMPLETELY I

150 Cosburn Ave There's dog shit all over the side walks infront of th

280 Wellesley St E My family lives in 280 Wellesley Street East and the

176 The Esplanade I lived in 176 the Esplanade from 2009-2015 and the w

28 Broadway Ave Found Bed Bugs in my apartment on Jan 31, 2016

January 31

75 Havenbrook Blvd We moved to this apartment in 2013. We asked the sup

268 Glenholme Ave I lived at 268 Glenholme from 2010 November when the

67 Parkwoods Village lived here for a year now, while there is no bedbu

701 Don Mills Rd I've been living here for about 7 years.I did all my s

January 30

55 Triller Ave I use to live here and the people who run this building

99 Dowling Ave Hi, I'm thinking of moving in here within the next m

18 Brownlow Ave I have lived at 18 Brownlow for over 2 years and there

101 Roehampton Ave WHOA!!!!!! What is going on in this building? Tenant

11 Yorkville Ave I would like to bring to your attention a case of raci

63 Roehampton Ave I am also a former tenant. One of the ones scared out

3000 Victoria Park Ave i have been living in this building for more the

74 Curlew Dr December 2015-present (Jan 2016) Silverfish and lots of

341 Bloor St W I want to rent a 1 bedroom in 341 boor street west start

15 Scadding Ave I have lived here for 3.5 years, I had found one dead b

199 Roehampton Ave Horrible ant infestation for this building. It's bee

January 29

77 Davisville Ave So it's official! There are bed bugs in this building

330 Dundas St E The building is totally infested again. Management has

80 Mornelle Ct I have seen cockroaches everywhere, from kitchen cupboar

33 Isabella St I really wish I took this website to heart when we decid

January 28

[103 - 199] Rusholme Rd 117 Rusholme Road This place is crawling wit

Rusholme Dr 117 Rusholme Drive, Toronto Ontario This place is filled

88 Erskine Ave We live on the 3rd floor. We've had 3 treatments for coc

1065 Don Mills Rd has bedbugs problem the management person is not nic

145 Strathmore Blvd I moved in 145 Strathmore blvd on September,2015. I

111 Ridelle Ave Just discovered a small infestation of bed bugs in our

35 Esterbrooke Ave There is roaches even though they say there isnt ..

200 Gateway Blvd This place is filthy. It has mice, roaches and bed bug

January 27

77 Howard St There are cockroaches all over this building. I lived here