Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

January 23

28 Terrace Ave we moved out because of all the red makes we had, throu

15 Brookbanks Dr Bedbugs throughout the laundry room on 22 Jan 21. All

January 22

50 Burn Hill Rd Found bedbugs under bed

1288 Bloor St W This building is severely infested. I’m the tenant wh

1288 Bloor St W Do not move in here. Landlords won’t disclose the inf


1420 Dupont St Moved into a 1 bedroom unit in this building and within

January 21

120 Torresdale Ave Building is cockroach infested. Please save your mon

January 19

3 Broadway Ave Ongoing cockroach and mice problems in the building the

January 17

42 Grange Ave I’ve been told this place has had bed bugs for over 6 m

January 16

49 Thorncliffe Park Dr Bed Bug infestation. I'm a tenant and I'm moving

January 14

80 Mornelle Ct Bedbugs appear in my unit and the unit was sprayed by a

1 Fountainhead Rd Lived here from November 2019-September 2020. Roaches

12 Elm Grove Ave Been a consistent problem. For 3 years. Git so bad I p

January 13

925 Danforth Ave 2017/03 through 2018/08 There weren't bed bugs, but

January 12

386 Yonge St Bedbug infested during quarantine, lived for a year, found