Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

February 22

4175 Lawrence Ave E Hello I moved in to visit parman building in Novemb

February 21

5 Dufresne Ct There are still bedbugs. Management is horrible - we had

February 19

75 Silver Springs Blvd My unit and many others, are infested with bedbu

February 18

562 Concord Ave Hi all, I'm the tenant of this location and i'm not sur

30 Livonia Pl In the last 5 years we have had a case of bedbugs 3 times

February 16

15 Walmer Rd Does anyone have a more recent update of the bug situation

1265 Davenport Rd The property at 1265 Davenport Road is a large single

February 14

1780 Eglinton Ave E Been living out of plastic bags here for 2 years no

February 13

273 Pharmacy Ave We found bed bug when we moved in August 1st 2019 and

435 Sherbourne St The Superintendent is a pretty nice lady but with tha

February 12

Brunswick Ave Future Bakery. February 10, 2020 Bitten there. Dr conf

5 Harvard Ave February 12 2020 we found a bedbug in the bathroom. landl

February 10

392 Sherbourne St I've had my unit sprayed for cockroaches 4 times in l

February 09

50 Cambridge Ave 2020 Bedbugs coming out of the walls. This building

February 08

80 Wellesley St E Hi just move to the apartment, the apartment was very

1011 Lansdowne Ave This building has bedbugs, roaches and mice. Managem

February 06

232 Lawrence Ave W Cockroach infestation

February 03

201 Spadina Rd Any updates on the bed bugs? Anyone experienced it rece

February 02

2301 Victoria Park Ave Bed bugs were found in one unit on the fourth fl

January 31

100 York Gate Blvd Hi I lived in 100 York Gate Blvd almost 5 years and

January 29

992 Pape Ave I first noticed bedbugs in my apartment in June 2019 and h

January 27

429 Ontario St Bed bugs 2019 + 2020

January 23

24 Leith Hill Rd building is infested with roaches- building will only

January 21

7 Greentree Ct Spotted them in 2017, reported it to Superintendent and

January 16

204 Wintermute Blvd

January 14

10 Kingston Road It's 2020 and can personally vouch that bed bugs are S

January 13

41 Spadina Rd Bed bugs found in upper level apartments in January 2020,