Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

September 27

429 Ontario St Needs to be sprayed again. Coming in from run down house

75 Silver Springs Blvd The building is infested with bed bugs, cockroac

1546 Kingston Rd Several cases in D building. Not all units sprayed, o

September 25

15 Walmer Rd This building is liable to infestations.

199 Roehampton Ave The ants are insane. There is no way to get rid of

99 Dowling Ave Bed bugs, roaches and mice, the super doesn't care and t

September 24

2050 Keele St Sept 15, 2021 4.30pm Just went to the laundry room to do

65 Thorncliffe Park Dr I have been dealing with bed bugs for 2 years no

699 Eglinton Ave W Serious cockroach and bug problem in this building.

September 23

77 Howard St Potential renters beware! I wasnt in this place more than

120 Jameson Ave Bedbugs and roaches everywhere

48 Isabella St Sept 22 2021: Found a bed bug in the bathroom, suspect s

September 21

1530 Victoria Park Ave There are bed bugs and roaches problems in the 1

1780 Eglinton Ave E There are bed bugs and roaches problems in the 1530

September 20

3943 Lawrence Ave E Hi my name is Daly’s joudah i’m resident in 394