Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

June 11

186 Saint Marks Ave They got em!!! They AirBnB the whole thing out!! Th

June 10

28 Wilson Ave In Feb of 2021, I had bedbugs in unit 2b. Caught them

June 06

62 Forsyth St I signed a lease in this building in the last year. On th

June 04

192 Schaefer St Bed bugs in 3R only in room with interior facing window

May 29

356 21st St bedbugs serious infestation in two apt summer 2019

375 Pleasant Ave We found bedbugs in our apartment last July 2020. The

May 28

Club Quarters Midtown Stayed at this location from 5/25 -5/29. No room

39 Turner Pl I used to live in that building. There was a bed bug probl

1 Chester Ct from 2018 through 2020, 1 Chester Court Apt. 3C (and most

May 26

110 E End Ave I moved in as a subletter on 4/25. 4/26 I noticed two dea

May 21

166 Kingsland Ave This is a coliving apartment I arrived yesterday and

May 20

1094 New York Ave There was one adult and one nymph

May 18

883 Franklin Ave Bedbugs found in apt. Super does nothing about it. Wat

May 17

641 10th Ave 5/06/21 Bedbug bites. Bedbug spotted on couch.

May 13

92 Gates Ave There are apparently bedbugs in other units as of a few we

May 12

517 E 12th St Around 2017-2018 I witnessed my neighbor upstairs putting

May 10

281 Crown St Began seeing bites as the weather started warming up short

May 06

W 113th St 42 W. 113th Street, 3B, 4B, 5B 4B is main source of bedbu

April 21

234 W 13th St The day I was signing my lease in 2019, the realtor discl

233 E 89th St Bed Bugs all over the halls. Gross

April 16

227 Berry St No bed bugs in My house .new furniture and new tenants.

April 08

321 44th St It was a matter of weeks after moving in that I started fin

April 06

362 Stockton St Bed bugs in the building

April 05

772 Saint Nicholas Ave I lived on the second floor in this building fro

April 03

120 W 116th St Bedbugs throughout my whole rental from 4/1/2015 until a