Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

February 17

30 Clinton St While I was in contract, co-op board forced me to sign do

February 16

206 Quentin Rd Moved in and 2 weeks later had a bed bug crawling around

February 15

280 Ashland Pl Not my personal experience, but spotted on Google review

February 12

7019 67th Pl Bedbug infestation found in Apartment #1, ground floor. O

February 11

72nd Dr I’ve got bedbugs since August 2019. We are now on February 20

February 10

626 1st Ave Bedbugs in the American Copper West building

February 07

La Quinta Inn Queens (New York City) In November of 2018 my wife, her n

February 03

2126 Newtown Ave 2/2/2020 I found that my extra room has bedbugs in the

February 01

1402 W 4th St Bed bug infestation in E9 apartment

January 30

649 E 9th St in 2016 there was a terrible infestation in 4d

364 W 18th St Bed bug infestation on third floor from September to Nove

January 25

345 86th St

January 22

188 Suydam St After a couple of weeks of getting bites & not being able

136 S 2nd St We moved into this building September 2019 and found a bed

20 E 74th St Bed bug activity reported by Beth Ring in her apartment 10

January 21

Country Inn & Suites-Queens Stayed one night (1/19/2020-1/20/20

January 20

Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave - Chelsea I stayed at the hotel from Jan

902 44th St #D1 10/10/19 I woke up with 12 bed bug bites on my leg. My

January 18

40 River Rd This is a building of around 230 apartments. Normally well

January 17

3075 Brighton 14th St Had 2 back-to-back infestations in September 2019

290 Clinton St Found live bedbugs in my unit on 1/2/20. Management told

86-35 Queens Blvd We found one bedbug in our apartment 11/2019 after ge

January 16

372 Jefferson Ave Bedbugs found in unit 3 on 1/16/20.

570 Ocean Pkwy Bed bug infestations on three floors reported in Decembe

January 15

189 Saint Marks Ave Bed bugs present in multiple apartments of the enti