Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

October 15

375 S End Ave I had bed bugs in my apartment here in September of 2017.

October 14

41-41 41st St I lived there and had a bed bug infestation. The entire b

October 13

193 Martense St 3 units in this building (so far) have bed bugs. Landlo

October 12

Hotel 31 jep, found bedbugs after being bitten directly the first night

October 10

120 E 31st St Bites on armes and back alarmed us, while searching we fo

October 03

1176 President St Found a bed bug casing on 9/25/19 under my mattress c

20 Sickles St I woke up with 18 bites on my legs. They were clearly bed

240 E 39th St 10/2/19: confirmed sighting of two bed bugs in second bed

October 02

110 St Marks Pl Bedbugs came up from exposed brick wall and cracks betw

October 01

1519 Dekalb Ave There is an ongoing bed bug problem in this building wh

872 Macon St Nearly half the building was infested with bedbugs in 2019

September 28

Hotel St James This place still has bedbugs in 2019. I stayed there las

September 27

1570 E 14th St

September 24

2722 Frederick Douglass Blvd The entire building has had and still has

September 23

2121 Beekman Pl My brother lives here and just texted me that he found

September 22


NYLO New York City Stayed the 19 August 2019 lovely hotel. When we got

September 19

309 Tompkins Ave Bed bug infestation found and confirmed by Well Done P

September 13

220 Bowery I got bit!

September 12

930 Prospect Pl We had bedbugs in September 2017. It has been resolved

450 N End Ave Following reports that the New York Times office had been