Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

November 11

992 Willoughby Ave In September of 2019, I began to notice odd stains i

November 07

1215 Church Ave This building has had bedbugs four times in three years

November 05

193 Martense St update: at least 8 apartments affected. Landlord still

November 04

165 Christopher St as of october 2019 there have been no complaints of

The Jane Hotel Stayed 5 nights at the Jane and by the time I arrived ho

November 03

406 W 44th St Began waking up with bites in mid October of 2019. Bed bu

November 01

2525 Beverly Rd There has been a bed bug infestation in this building f

W 122nd St Bedbugs at 515 West 122nd st in 2018 and possibly longer

October 31

350 Sterling St This apartment building has failed to take adequate mea

October 30

400 Rugby Rd JULY 2019 - Bedbugs discovered in Apt 5A. Tenant bitten.

October 29

1332 Riverside Dr Have had them 3 times over the past two years, once i

446 W 36th St Late october, confirmed photo with exterminator. Buildin

October 28

The Roger Smith Observed a bed bug on my back pack after spending a nig

October 26

4148 40th St I found bedbugs in my headboard in Apartment C10 over Labo

The Roosevelt Hotel, New York City Found bedbug on my pillow upon awake

October 25

32-02 34th Ave Bed bugs detected and then found based in newly ordered

October 24

591 Ocean Ave May 2018, May 2019 Our apartment has had bedbugs at le

932 Columbus Ave Building infested with bedbugs

October 23

352 St Johns Pl Bed bugs at 352 St Johns Pl since at least March 2019.

October 22

1806 Caton Ave My apartment (and I believe others in my building, thoug

Staybridge Suites Times Square Stayed in room 910 from 18-21 October, 2

37-35 21st St We stayed here on Thursday October 17th and woke up s

October 17

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel We stayed here for 3 nights, from