Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

October 28

44 Driggs Ave Bed bugs all up in this apartment building. Landlords spr

October 26

186 Saint Marks Ave Bedbugs in multiple bedroom and one bathroom. There

October 23

2121 Beekman Pl Have had bedbugs. Exterminators have come twice. Bugs k

October 09

421 E 64th St The building has a bedbug problem that is currently being

October 02

125 Washington Pl September 2019 - a unit on the 4th floor

September 14

1953 70th St After moving in 2 months ago. Along with many other issues

September 12

1120 Willoughby Ave In June 2020, my roommate discovered bed bugs in hi

September 10

39 Turner Pl This is another round with bed bugs. It appears to be in

September 09

807 9th Ave Bed bug infestation August 2018 in one bedroom, building se

September 07

1289 Union St 1289 Union Street is a large multi-unit building of 27 ap

September 04

217 Ocean Ave Moderate infestation from December 2019-June 2020

August 29

5115 13th Ave Bites Management responsive and treated immediately (bro

August 28

465 W 159th St Bed bugs were found on the fourth floor of this building

August 27

101 W 12th St Bedbugs epidemic in apt 2u, 2x,2y Building never notifie

August 26

181 Havemeyer St 2 dead bed bugs were found in 1 of the 3 bedroom apt.

2100 Westbury Ct First sited and reported to management on 7/29/2020. T

August 25

43 W 75th St Entire year we rented the apartment was infested with bedb

1486 Bedford Ave I can find bedbug issues with this building (notorious

August 20

36-20 Parsons Blvd This building is DIRTY, has BED BUGS INFESTATION as

91 1st Ave 2020 Major infestation dating from at least February. Severa

August 19

106 Greenpoint Ave In 2016 my husband and I moved into one of the apts

August 18

4 Stuyvesant Oval the management company is Beam Living, and the landlo

August 13

295 Cherry St Building E, Floor 1 (apt 1E) had bed bugs in November of

August 12

375 S End Ave i had bedbugs on this location and the landlord kept on d

July 02

286 Eastern Pkwy We had a minor bed bug problem in April, had two full

July 01

949 Columbus Ave Multiple apartments in this building had bedbugs in 20

June 30

75 Hawthorne St This is a large, 6-floor apartment building that appear

18 E 21st St Bed bug infestation in multiple apartment units in May 201