Recent Bed Bug Reports for Chicago

November 11

6528 N Lakewood Ave Active bed bug infestation since late August. Manag

November 08

5054 N Winthrop Ave Bed bug infestation after living in building for a

November 06

1363 W Estes Ave Bed Bugs found in unit. Do not ever rent from William

August 28

869 W Buena Ave The building had several cases of bed bugs and they did

August 09

3018 N Hoyne Ave Reported bedbugs to the landlord in August of 2019. Th

May 26

2134 N Bissell St Bed bugs were reported to management on 1/29/2020 for

914 S Miller St Still have bed bug. Just check it before you move in it

May 23

10 S Mason Ave Began last sumner 2019 with 2 sightings near my door way

May 21

1421 W Farwell Ave There is an ongoing bedbug problem in this building.

May 09

515 W Briar Pl I lived here from 2018-2012. The place had bedbugs in at

May 04

5248 S Drexel Ave Bed bugs in building. May 3rd, 2020.

April 26

160 E Huron St I stayed at this location on 4/25/2020. I woke up to fin

April 25

3307 N Albany Ave An update on the same infestation: 01/03/20: I dem

March 04

3449 W North Ave My roommate and I were rushed into signing a lease on

February 14

3831 N Fremont St Bed bugs in the apartment, confirmed by exterminator,

February 12

6212 N Kenmore Ave Landlord sent an email that a tenant has bed bugs. T

January 10

1469 W Lawrence Ave 2 units in this building have bed bugs as of Decemb

January 03

175 N Harbor Dr Apt. 4202: Do not stay in this apartment - there are

December 13

5830 N Kenmore Ave This place is infested with bed bugs and roaches and

November 09

1201 W Chase Ave Moved in two an apt at the building while doing some p

October 30

4849 N Milwaukee Ave Found bed bug in desk

October 29

68 E Wacker Pl Checked into the Hampton Inn on 10/25/2019 and checked o

October 25

333 E Ontario St Found a live bed bug on side of my bed at around 10am