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The tenants have been very good about taking responsibility for their actions, however, whenever anything is thrown into the trash it is brought back in by the maintenance man. A friend in the building threw out a cabinet which was infested and within 24 hours it was back in the building in the storage room. This is ongoing since I befriended the resident 2 years ago.

One way of dealing with personal stress of itching is to use a hairdryer on itchy areas. I believe you can kill the young bus that way, too. I do my bed area every once in a while just to be sure. The more everyone does their personal space, the less the whole building is burdened.

The bugs continue and people still bring in junk from curbside finds. The hallways will soon get new carpeting-the baseboards are probably full of bugs and they need somewhere to relocate. The walls are a good place to hide.

Someone or Seattle Housing Authority has to help us as we are victims of negligence by the management. They place blame on tenants for bringing the bugs in when in fact they are going from apartment to apt by hitchhiking or through the air vents. The first bugs I found were in the bathropom which has a ceiling vent that runs throughout the entire building. I was told by the management that they are never in the bathrooms, but have since learned from other residents that several people have no

ticed them there first before becoming infested.

I am at my wits end and have been sprayed such as it was and have not seen any bugs but am still being bitten until I am going crazy. There must be a stage at which the little buggers are invisible. I suspect that I have them in my hair now and have used lice treatment, vinegar, alcohol and shampoo to no avail. If they are in my hair then they end up in my bed and on my pillow. I am not a well person to begin with and cannot do all of the work to destroy them on my own. Management needs to take a more direct approach to this terrible problem. I feel like I am losing my mind.

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This problem has been going on entirely too long. Management is blaming the tenants for bringing in the bugs. Why didn't they inspect each apartnment? If the tenants are the problem then inspect each apartment and make them get rid of the offending pieces of furniture, rip up the carpeting and baseboards, caulk all the cracks and spaces where they could hide and breed and clean up the environment.

I wrote in before that I was between two previously infested apartments and feared the worst. Guess what? I now have them and have washed and dried all that I could to eradicate them. The mamagement did not seen overly concerned that it happened, asked me if I saved them......why would I?...Was I getting bitten? I am covered in bites. I cannot describe how horrified I was when I discovered them. They are incredibly horrible and to think that I cannot visit anyoneor they me is traumatic. man

agement has to eradicate this problem no matterhow much iot costs. I do not deserve this invasion into my life.

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The problem continues and a tenant who tested positive just moved stuff down to the locker room.Those little bugs crawl to find food, so the first floor is going to be a prime area for more infestation. Sick of people doing the privacy card.

If you are a problem for the rest of the building and you don't want anything done or refuse to do anything then eviction is in order.

The hoarders need to be decluttered and the building cleaned of all the junk which the bugs love, make the environm

ent hostile to them.

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Feb 2012

I have had 4 canine inspections so far and was clear. The residents on both sides of me have been reported to have bugs. They have not been notified as to when they are going to be treated, which concerns me in the middle.

Just by the sheer law of averages........I will be the next victim. This is extremely unfair to the residents to not have this matter dealt with. We have a community room with chairs, upholstery, and carpeting which has not treated by management in any publ

ic areas. There is another public room at the top of the building where residents have reported seeing live bugs on furniture. This room also, to our knowledge have not been treated.

Last canine inspection the cases went from an unknown number to 27 infested apartment. Here say, maybe, but it is getting worse not better and most of us cannot afford, nor are capable of moving. We also do not want to be evicted just because we spoke out. I know there is some agency who can help us.

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My opinion is that the bed bugs are moving between apartments. One apartment is treated, tests clean and then the next door apartment has bed bugs. I've heard that bed bugs like to hide in dark crevaces. I'd appreciate it if they'd remove the base boards and chemically treat both sides at the base of the walls. They have drilled holes in the walls and sprayed between the walls and this has not been effective. My understanding is that Chemical Treatment is expensive $700 to $800. The financial re

sources of the building are not being put towards maintenance. The hallways are very very dirty. This lack of care also goes towards only having three washers and dryers. When washers and/or dryers are not working laundry in the 162 unit building backs up. Dryers are very important for killing bed bugs in bedding the day you’ve been bit by a bed bug. Putting bedding and pillows in a dryer on HOT for 30 minutes they say will kill the bed bug(s). People are treated poorly if they complain that a washer or dryer is not working after several days. Lots of good PR for how well they, the management, is doing. The truth seems hidden and hard to understand when management is lieing and covering their tracks. I just see them spraying VERY VERY VERY toxic fumes around the beds. Really poisonous to breathe.

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People have paid nearly $2000 to treat bed bugs in their apartments, and blame themselves for a problem that has been in this building for much longer than 3 years, according to someone with nearly 20 years here.

The expense of laundering bed covers and clothing is exhorbitant, and people are spending hundreds of dollars on steamers and supposedly effective sprays. What treatment manangement has randomly applied is haphazzard and ineffective. Management will say that a dog "declared" an enti

re floor was clear, when not every apartment on the floor was checked, and the bugs just come back and back and back.

Infested furniture is retrieved and stored in the basement. Management cites privacy issues for not treating infested apartments tenants don't want treated (bites don't affect them, unlike others, one who developed a staph infection). Frankly, I think it's a lost cause (and I'm not hanging around for 20 years).

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17 newly infested apartments at the latest bed bug dog inspection.

The management continues to state:
'All the infestations are caused by the tenant's behaviors', 'the tenants won't 'change their ways' so infestations continue' and 'it's always the tenants possessions that are infested and never any area of the building.'

With this attitude of 'blaming the victims', the bed bug problem at our facility is unsolvable.

New cases have popped up and the clutter remains. Management is doing everything they can;but, if the tenants don't comply with guidelines the problem will never be solved.

The bed bug problem persists despite spraying, steaming and throwing out infested furniture. The person in whose apartment they were first sighted is still bringing in old furniture and curb side finds.

People are just not complying with guidelines. I realize hoarding is a psychological "disease" so now is the time for intervention from social workers and professional organizers.

This infestation originated in one apartment, in 2009 or2010. IT was vacated, and carpet was torn up, baseboards and mouldings were removed and apartment was treated(? what chemicals used). However, no measures were taken to check and/or treat adjoining apartments. Several months later, the person in next apartment took that previously infested one.
No one was told that bedbugs can travel, on one was told anything about prevention. The climate generated by the management was denial, shame,

blame and secrecy.

Since there are now (How many?) infested apartments, the management is instituting treatments but charging tenants. And is telling them that bed bugs travel to other apartments.
The blame here is management, no one else.

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Person who had/has them in the first place is walking all over the building, visiting other apartments. They are being spread by hitchhiking on her and her purse and shoes.
She doesn't look like she washed anything in hot water, Doesn't look like she washed at all. 30 apartments are involved, maybe that's just rumor, but it needs to be dealt with better.

The elevator now has them. Something has to be done about Bedbug C.H.

I see no hope if bluild does not pull it togather

The landlord is not being honest with tenants.
No one knows how many apartments are infected.
Some tenants are contacting lawyers.
There is a law in Seattle which states that if a resident does not comply with the way the infectation is dealt with they can be evicted.
The hoarders are not getting rid of anything and are they not putting their stuff in trucks to be sprayed.

A number of tenants have hired outside exterminators which is making the problem worse. The bedbugs then go to the next apartment. The person that had them in th efirst place should have to pay for the building to be sprayed.
She was and is in denial and didn't get rid of anything. She should be evicted as being a nuisance to the whole building. Read the Washington Landlord Tenant Rights.

The bedbug dogs sniffed every apartment and if they found an infestation in the entire building, we do not know.

A lot of people threw out furniture, mattresses and futons.

The offending apartment's tenant had bugs crawling on her/him(don't want to embarass them by saying if it's a man or woman).

I sincerely hope this person got rid of everything and didn't just have it carted away and put into storage for a few months.

The tenant's empty moving boxes were in the hallway for a num

ber of days. Whether or not they were infested;don't know;but, the tenant did have old furniture from the initial offending tenant.

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This building is getting increasingly infested because of negligence and improper actions by the landlord.
When bed bugs were found last year (2010) the landlord had his untrained maintenance man set off a bug bomb in the apartment - even though all sources say that should NEVER be done.

There are at least 2 to 6 apartments already infested and the landlord tells people they should not talk about the infestation with anyone.

The landlord hired someone to check the apartments but that "com

pany" is NOT recognized by the local Health Department on their list of reputable pest control people.

One tenant had to pay themselves for the extermination in their apartment.

Worse than that, the apartments next to, above and below the infested apartments have not been treated!

As tenants we are scared and we fear retaliation from the landlord if we try to contact the Health Department or HUD or anyone who may help us!

Can anyone help us? What can we do?

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2nd report from same location. The administration really didn't do anything and the person now living in 801 was not honest about reporting that they have a very bad infestation. The floor below even has them in the ceiling. They seem to think bagging up possessions and "gassing" them will solve the entire building's problem.

A few residents hired their own exterminator with disasterous results. The bugs just moved to different floors and on either side of the treated apartments.

The admi

nistration said they are only going to spray 3 floors(there are 12 in the building).

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Apartment #801 infested for a long time - many months; maybe an entire year.

Received notice today from landlord (January 28 2010) that bedbug infestation has spread to another apartment, unnamed. Also said that neighborhood is infested with bed bugs in this Seattle area: called Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Landlord treated bed bugs in apartment #801 with a bug bomb which is NOT recommended.

We fear they have spread to the entire building, twelve floors of apartments, 12 apartments per fl


This is a HUD building and we do not know if HUD has been notified.

The landlord has NOT treated the entire building, as is recommended - or had an expert treat the entire building - as is recommended.

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