5218 17th Ave Ne
Seattle, WA 98105

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This place has place has had bed bugs since 2007.WPI management refuses to do anything about it.

Almost all the rooms in this building have been infested for over 2 1/2 years. It is a house which has been converted into individually rented rooms. We (the tenants) have complained numerous times about the bedbugs; the management are aware of the problem but are not doing anything about it.
They hired a cheap exterminator 2 years ago, but the exterminator didn't know how to treat bedbugs and it didn't work.
We filed several complaints with the health board - they sent an inspector, who sai

d that the building has many health code violations and gave the management 1 month to get an exterminator, which they still haven't done (this was 3 months ago). They are supposed to keep doing this until the problem is gone.
We have tried to contact the health board again but they are not responding.
Tenants eventually give up and move out of the building and the management just re-rent the rooms without informing the new tenants of the infestation. Since they don't do credit checks, they take advantage of those of us whose credit is too poor to move elsewhere.

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