1830 Rue Gauthier
Montreal, QC H2K 1A2

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Living in this building for about 3 years now . We had mousses every winter . And now since december 2020 cockroaches . We have noticed the landlord right away . He send his "pest guy" but not sure if he really is tho . The guy came about 10-14 days after we noticed the landlord . The pest guy came in the appartment with a mask ( pandemic requirements ) under his nose and just put some traps here and there . Obviously it didn't fix the problem . Since then we have been again and again contacting

the landlord . It's been now 4 months and the problem is not solved . The same pest guy came 2-3 other times doing the same putting traps stuff and some food bait inside of the traps . We begged him to spray our appartment which the pest guy finally kinda did last 2 time but only in 1 or 2 rooms . I really don't see how it is supposed to work as the cockroaches just then move to the other rooms . Entering now to our 5 months living with cockroaches problem with what seems no end in sight .

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