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A resident/renter on my floor @ Hopkinson House has bed bugs but refuses to allow an exterminator to treat said unit until he's ready to allow them access
The resident is a renter and we've been told by management that if a renter refuses to allow entrance to have the unit treated the owner has no recourse to force the renter to allow entrance.
The owner wishes to have the unit treated but cannot override the renter's wishes.

Those of us on the floor who are owners are helpless against

a strong willed and recalcitrant renter who is subjecting us all to bedbug infestation

Posted 2/12/2013

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On Wednesday, February 6, 2013 a letter was sent from the Manager to residents in units 307,309,311,407,409,411,507,509 and 511 stating that an exterminator will conduct a preliminary inspection for bed bugs in their units at the Hopkinson House. A very vague letter to say the least. The date was for February 11,2013 between the hours of 9am and noon. While waiting to see the Manager on this day the exterminator appeared. I spoke with him and he was not informed about which units to visit. He ca

lled his company and he said the unit he was to check was my next door neighbor. He became upset for informing me about this and told me there was nothing more to say. Two other residents who accompanied me to see the Manager had to leave to meet the exterminator when he came to our units.Fotunately our 3 units showed no evidence of bed bugs but stated that the resident in Unit 409 had called last week for an exterminator to come to his unit. Today,he called and said that he would not be in his unit. However, the exterminator along with a building representative entered his unit to complete an inspection which led me to believe that bed bugs were found. Nothing more was told to us and as usual in this building we are " left in the dark " Treating individual units will not solve the bed bug proplem. It MUST be done building-wide. Interested residents are trying to have a meeting with the Manager and our Management Company.

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Saw someone in laundry room this week who had bed bug infestation in apartment. Clearly this is an ongoing issue in this building that needs to be addressed!

I moved into Hopkinson House (HH) in Oct. 2010. Around Feb. 2011, 4 months after moving in, I discovered a bed bug bite on my body. The exterminator confirmed I had bed bugs in March after I caught a few of them on a sticky pad placed underneath my bed.

Turns out there was a HUGE infestation on my floor in the months prior to my move in.

TWO separate exterminators verbally stated that the bugs were coming through the exterior wall of my apartment..most likely from my next door neighbor

(who also happened to be a part of the infestation prior to my moving in).

The most frustrating part of this problem was dealing with the Management Office. They are dishonest and try to sweep the entire problem under the rug, rather than being transparent and tackling the problem.

This problem is very clearly a building-wide issue. I moved out in December 2011.

When I moved out I knew of four units on my floor that had a problem in either 2010 or 2011.

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Received letter from mgmt about beg bug problem in building this summer. Lived in the bldg for 6 yrs and never had a problem. Three months later, I began noticing bites. Called mgmt and they had exterminators came to our unit THREE separate times. Each one told us we did NOT have any evidence of bed-bugs. Our unit is small, but very neat and un-cluttered. We have a maid who comes regularly to clean it, too. Bites continued another few weeks. Despite, reports from exterminators saying we did no

t have bed bugs, one night I woke up with numerous bites and we saw two very small bed bugs crawling across the sheets! We started the intensive prep work for treatment the next day, and our unit has been treated. Thankfully, it was a limited issue in our case and not a full-blown infestation. What was so frustrating was that the exterminator told us, it could have become an infestation if we had waited another week or so! We laundered and packed everything and moved out for now. My advice to anyone in this building is: if you are getting repeated bites, even if you or the exterminator do not see bugs-start the prep work and push to treat as soon as possible! They are very tiny and difficult to see and by the time you do actually see them, it can be a real problem-especially in a high rise like this one!

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Management sent letters confirming reports and indicating that certain floors were being treated.

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