2405 Finch Ave W
Toronto, ON M9M 2X2

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These building is infested with roaches and I mean THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.
You see them in the hallways, elevators, staircase. EVERYWHERE.
I’m constantly cleaning nonstop day and night just to fight them off but they just don’t go away.
Once you get sprayed their gone for abit and come right back. They just circulate apartments back and forth. Its gotten to the point where I have to leave all the lights on my apartment on. My cutlery is in containers, I wash dishes over and over, even just w

ashed dishes because you find them crawling on everything in minutes! Their under the baseboard, the radiators, the kitchen sink, behind TILES in the kitchen and bathroom.
The building offers spraying every 2 weeks but that only if you request it. They NEED to do a mandatory spray of every floors, apartment by apartment or the issues just continue. For the amount we pay for rent, taking care of the pests should
Be on top of their list. The building takes forever to resolve any repairs, and when they do to come to fix, they do a half ass job and make the problems worse. You can hardly get a hold of property managers, their phone rings off the hook. You request maintence, and are left waiting on emails to confirm for days. HELP US!

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