135 8th St
Toronto, ON M8V

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I lived at this location for 1 yr...... within my first 3 months i seen a total of 5 mice in the hallways and stairwells......also in my home...the building maintainace came plugged holes and set traps, yet within the same week the mice managed to find a way back into the unit......it wasnt until i got a cat that the problem stopped.......within the first month my sofa was infested with bed bugs......then the bed......within 6 months i had 3 new sofas ........ i spent my own money to rid myself

of the pests in my home i feel the landlords should of taken care of.......before moving in i asked Bonnie is there any varmints in the unit i should know about she looked me in my face and said no....I wouldnt wish these living conditions on my worst enemy

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I actually live in 143 8th Street. I have lived in this building since September, since then I have seen mice cockroaches and now bed bugs (3 months later). Before I moved in, the landlord had reassured me that this place was clean and I would not have to worry. I feel tricked and taken advantage of. Unfortunately I have to worry. Mice and cockroaches are one thing, yes they are pests, they eat your food, but bed bugs are on a completely different page. They feed on human blood, this is absolute

ly disgusting and I am appalled that this place is still standing. I am hoping this place gets condemned because no one should have to live like this.

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I was scheduled to move in December 2011. Landlord said that the place was going to be cleaned prior to me moving in. When I moved in I found cockroaches crawling out of the closet and from behind the fridge. Landlord stated that they spray the place every Tuesday. The place should not have to be sprayed on a continual basis. They should fix the problem by fumigating it for 5 days instead of once every two weeks. Absolutely disgusting. Their contract specifcally states cleanliness yet they allow

their tenants to live in these apalling conditions.

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I notified Public Health and they told me they don't come out and investigate. The landlord has sprayed 3 times and yet I still have bedbugs!

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