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february 2020 my unit and all my floor had a bed bug infestation. When I told the management about this they denied at first (although pests are a known issue at mimico estates) and wanted me to bring pictures proof etc. So I did and they set up a pest termination. Nothing changed after the first session, two weeks later they redid it, again no success. In the meantime I was paying for a short term rental because it was impossible to stay at my own unit. They didn't succeed with the termination

and this is all happening during the first covid quarantine, so I found a new place, left all my belongings and moved before my contract has ended. I explained to them how they failed me and cost me a lot of money, so I told them that I wasn't going to pay the last month's rent during which I wasn't able to stay at my own place and was renting another short term place to sleep instead. They said okay that time but gave my case to the debt collector as soon as the first quarantine lifted...

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