70 Wilson Park Rd
Toronto, ON M6K

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I got bedbugs a few months after I moved in. After 5 years of living there I have dealt with Constant severe roach infestations and periodically mice. Seems like nothing can get rid of the pests

Can anyone please tell me how to post my building on this bedbug registry? I have tried over and over and over and can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Please post under 70 Wilson Park. Thank you.

June 2/2012

Moved in Sept. '11. Had no problems for the first few months, then around December I noticed I started getting bitten. It started getting really bad, spoke to the Super (the super NOT the property manager) and he gave me some powder to rub into my mattress and pillows.

Definitely helped but by then it was spring and the roaches had come out of hibernation . . .

long story short . . .


A very close friend of mine lived in this building for several months, and was bitten alive nightly. While many tenants said they had no problems, she very clearly did - including sitings of the wretched creatures. They did nothing but give her a can of spray. We called public health and did all the measures (washing, steaming, purging, taping, vaccuming and disposing of the bag immediately). After months of insomnia, infected bites, and deaf ears, she had to leave. I helped her move all of her

stuff out, labelled it all "bugs", and sure enough - it was all gone by passer-byers within the day. I couldn't believe it. The stuff was infested. No wonder there's such a problem everywhere. This place in particular is a problem, and landlord support is critical in such circumstances. The building attracts folks who don't mind that sort of ignorance, I suppose. I advise you to stay away.

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Have killed two bed bugs this month. I believe someone moved into the building at the beginning of June, and brought bugs with them. Going to speak to the landlord tomorrow about the problem.

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