1512 King St W
Toronto, ON M6K
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This building is a shit stain on toronto. The landlord antonio scisente is the cheapest man i have ever met. One time the pipes burst in the basement and this stupid fuck tampered with them for 3 entire days worsening the problem and leaving the entire building without running water before calling a plumber. The bed bugs are everywhere! A current tenant on my floor is a hoarder with an intense bedbug infestation, due to him not wanting to clear out his shit den they can't spray the unit, not t

hat their in any rush to make the expense. The most maddening part is the need to treat the entire building not just individual units, the bugs leave and come back hopping around from one place to another. I live on the same floor as with this ticking time bomb. The cockroaches are huge and in every crevice of this entire building , they even travel through the pipes and into your sinks. The tip of the iceberg would be the mice. My boyfriend and I were watching television one nice and we noticed flecks of drywall falling from the ceiling only to find a family of mouse eating their way into our apartment. eventually several holes discovered around our unit where they sneak in. and when they aren't running around inside your unit you'll hear them in the walls. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! it doesn't matter, this slumlord and his pudgy shit head accomplice of a superintendent Stanley are doomed to run this steaming pile of shit until it collapses. I hope it fucking does

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Its true. there are bedbugs here. I was having enough trouble reconciling myself to the fact that Im often overrun with cockroaches and now this is just too much. Im leaving as fast as possible, sans all my earthly goods. Its a neat building in a great location with friendly neighbors. Too bad they'll have to condemn it as the owner clearly cares nothing for his property or the tenants who pay to upkeep it

You can`t beat this bug problem,I know I can`t.I`ve done all the proper things and more,I thought I got rid of them months ago,it cost me alot through throwing things out,bagging stuff and buying my own spray.
But now I see them again and for the first time I have found baby ones,I`m fucked.
Thanks for listening to my vent its funny some residents don`t even know they have them or don`t care,but the real funny thing is the landlord just raised my rent and he dosn`t care.
Oh and if I do move I

wouldn`t be able to take a thing that I own especially after seeing the baby bugs,they are so tiny,I would have to bag/tape,box/tape everything for over a yr to be safe.
God I wish I never moved here.

Thank you.

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Not again,
A friend told me about this site,wish I knew about it before,I had a problem with bedbugs awhile ago,threw some stuiff out,bagged my close and bought spray.They went away but since then I still sprahy and check my place at night,well last night while checking I found one coming from under my door from the hallway.
I can`t go through this again,some people just don`t care especially the landlord,cheap bastard,he doesn`t care for this or the roaches.
I fell sorry for the people who h

ave reported already especially the person who wrote `Ashamed of this place`,that person felt like this place was like a home,but when even the owner doesn`t care then what do you do.
Well looks like I might move but I`ll have to check other address`s before I DO,and you know what its funny the owner is upping the rent for some people,for shame on his soul.

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I got bit last night,I can`t believe this is happening to me again.I`ve done everything I had to,I had to get rid of my furniture the 1st time,bagged all my clothes for 8months,spend 40-60 dollars `EVERY` month for the last 2 yrs on bedbug spray and I have them again.
The 1st time I was in shock and very angry but now I`m just ashamed that I live in this dump of a building,nothing gets done and I`m sick of all the roaches everywhere and now this bedbug problem again.
I think I have to make s

ome new decisions about this place,it just doesn`t feel like home anymore.
The landlord doesn`t care,hey why should he if someone moves he gets to raise the rent,oh and he will be raising my rent soon,so I will have to pay more money and still have to buy spray every month.
What a shame I used to like this building.

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I lived in this bldg 4 years ago and even then it was completely overridden with cockroaches and bedbugs. I had to throw out all my furniture, and I remember seeing a neighbour take out a matresss tha was covered in bedbugs. We did not have an exterminator come at all during the couple years I lived there.

We have lived here for several years, first being infested with cockroaches, like REALLY infested.

Then abpproximately three years ago we started getting 'bites' small but annoying and then increasing to the point of being unable to sleep!

The building has apparently got them and the owner (Antonio Sciscente) has barely done anything to combat this major issue.

This issue is on-going there appears to be no end or solution to be seen. Everyone continuously has to replace furnature inclu

ding beds with new as these insects get into everything and multiply.

In order to 'manage' to cope with this situation we have to spend $60 a month in sprays and powders each month for my small bachelor apartment. That's $720 a year and I still have this problem.

The owners don't care at all, this is apparent and have no repect for anyone, current tenants nor those seeking a new abode.

This should not be legal, either not advising new tenants nor not making prper in roads to combat this issue for current tenants.

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I am so upset right now,I just found a bedbug on my wall last night,I`m so fucking upset I had to get rid of my furniture and bed last year,wash and bag all my clothes for months and spend 40 to 50 dollars on spray every month and they are back.Its no wonder,some of the other tenants don`t give a fuck about themselves or the building,I can`t do this again its really fucks up your mind and my wallet,I really don`t know what I`m going to do.

This building is completely infested with bedbugs and cockroaches and has been for well over a year now. My apartment is crawling with them and I've seen both bedbugs and cockroaches in the common hallways and stairwells.

The landlord has only had an exterminator in once this past summer and they did such a poor job that it didn't even make a dent in the bedbug problem. I try my best to deal with them myself by regularly cleaning and patching up their hiding places but I still kill over 20 e

ach night before bed and wake up covered in bites.

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Now I'm Getting Mad Iv Spent Over 100$ On Sprays And Medication For Me Because Of The Bed Bug Bites Iv Sprayed My Apartment And For Almost A Month The Bites Stoped But Just Of Last Night They Started Again I Got 10 Bites So Far Nd Iv Found Over 50 Again I Can't Take This No More I Can't Sleep Nor Can I Bring My Friends Over This Is Pathedic And DISGUSTING I Am Not Rich And Can't Afford To Be Livimg Like This But Since The Landlord And Super Don't Want To Anything I Have No Choice But Too Move Ou

t I CAN't TAKE THIS ANYMORE Something Should Be Done This Whole Apartment Building Is Invested With Bedbugs And Roches What Kind Of Person Would Make Tenets Live In These Cercomstance I'll Tell You Who This Landlord Who Is No Good Lazy Person Who Doesn't Want To Go In His Pocket To Fix This Problem And Would Rather Have Us Do It Our Self....

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I wish I knew about this website alittle time ago before moving into this infested building.This place is loaded with bedbugs and roaches.Its driving me crazy getting bit and spending money on spray.The super and the owner do not care and they are not helpful,I`ve had to throw things out,can`t sleep.I found out this problem has been going on for over a year,I guess thats why people are moving out,I will next.Nothing but a slumlandlord,pisses me off how they can get away with this without telling

you the problem before you move in.

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1512 is invested I got them the first time because of the people the landlord are letting in this is a problem for me and other people nd the landlord DOES NOT want to do anything because of this I have to throw everything out this building is disgusting and nasty not only are we invested with bed bugs but also roches and still nothing is being done this should be put to an end

This building is not clean of bed bugs if you lived there than maybe you would know. some people don't complain because of fear and the land lord will not go through the proper steps.

In regard to 1512 King St. West and the posting by “Anonymous” on 10/04/2009; the accusation is not true. 1512 King St. West has always been bedbug free; our building is clean.

1512 King St West,Toronto Ontario has a problem with bedbugs,within 1yr I have had them 3 times.Starting in 2008 and now in 2009.When it happened the first time it was major,I had to throw out all my furniture and the landlord did not care he actually just said to bad,move.I have spent so much money on sprays and still have them,its really stressing me out.

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