535 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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Warning dont rent here!!!!!!
It has tons of bugs and rats including raccons on the roof. There tons of garbage at the back, it also smells like old man feet. The owners are rude and two face and if you have a complain about anything they will give such hard time and make u pay it.

The landlord is a very rich man who complains about how expensive it is to upkeep this building, so he's basically letting it rot. It's full of cockroaches (which he'll come over and 'treat' with some form of roach killer that he gets from his job as superintendent of the U of T residences, but is a very temporary fix), the ceiling leaks (and he'll claim to be 'looking into it', but no solution was ever found), he used to refuse to take the garbage out because he had some beef with the city garb

age collectors, so he'd let it pile up in the backyard for MONTHS...

He's just a real piece of work, who seems really genuine and kind upon first meeting him, but his own mental health issues keep him from being in any way a decent landlord.

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I was supposed to rent, painted and cleaned bought rugs, then after laying them down i saw them around the base boards.

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