742 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON M6H 3Y8

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As tenants of three years, we have experienced bed bugs in this location since February 2019. Exterminators found a few bugs but not an infestation, though the bugs continued to bite us for months afterward, sometimes intermittently, sometimes daily. We never found more than a few. This suggests that the nests are elsewhere on this block. In the spring of 2019, we smelled a strong insecticide-like smell coming from 744 Lansdowne but the tenants denied having any bugs and the landlord demonstrate

d a severe lack of knowledge about bed bugs and a general refusal to do anything serious about it, stating, “I’ll check myself and tell the tenants to clean.” The tenants refused multiple free inspections from our exterminator. We continue to experience bed bugs now in August 2019, despite a long period without bites or sightings.

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