1221 Shaw St
Toronto, ON M6G 3N7

Found 1 report:

House has a massive, widespread bed bug infestation in all units.

Initially the infestation was limited to one bedroom in the top floor unit, but the landlords wouldn't pay for a full/proper treatment, instead opting to treat one or two rooms at a time, against the advice of the PCO they hired who told them that they would need to treat the whole house in order to be effective. This caused the bugs to scatter to the other rooms/apartments, eventually spreading to every living room & bed room

in all 3 apartments in the house.

Furthermore landlord Maria lied to the tenants and told us the whole house was being treated the first couple of times when it wasn't, and lied to the tenants in the unit next to the initial infestation, so that they didn't even know there were bed bugs in the house until the infestation had fully taken over their unit too.

Landlord Maria kept insisting that the treatment was "extremely expensive" as her reasoning for not doing her job, even though she hired the cheapest PCO around, and STILL was too cheap to follow his most basic advice to treat the whole house instead of just the rooms where bugs were most recently found.

Do not move here. The house looks nice on the surface but landlords Maria & Ben Damasi are slumlords at their core, and they don't care about anything besides how much money they can make/save.

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