437 Glen Park Ave
Toronto, ON M6B 2E8

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August 2019

2 weeks prior to my mom moving the building she was inspected for and advised she had bed bugs. This explains the rash on her body. There is a tenant across the hall from her with ongoing infestation issues. The building management takes absolutely no accountability and no flexibility on her I’ve date. They tried to give her $50 for laundry and sign a paper to keep her mouth shut. Please! $50? She was inspected the day before move and advised she was clean to love. Sure enough

when we were moving furniture we could see bugs still crawling on the furniture. So she had to leave her furniture behind. They had a couple with a newborn baby moving in the next day. We tried to notify them but weren’t successful. Pretty sure this is an ongoing issue as management is hiding it from the tenants. Real star property management should be ashamed!

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