200 Elm St
Toronto, ON M5T 1K4

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July 24th
Ok room sizes
Allows pets
Good location downtown
quiet rooms

*High rent
*Don't transfer leases
*the one month free rent is not for every apartment
*roaches in the basement and the laundry room
*Some rooms have roaches its hit and miss
*bike cage has a hole in it and bikes often stolen
*Water is either Burning hot or Freezing cold
*They don't pro-rate move in or move out so everyone is trying to move in the same day.
*No ramp for this building, you will have

to use 222 ramp and go down to the basement where the buildings connect.
*The ladies in the office often get things mixed up or confused. No one ever confirms if they get your e-mails.
*They have hidden fees they will not tell you about.
Bulbs- 5$ a piece
Tube Lights- 10$ a piece
Toilet Seat 30$
Blinds 5$ a Piece (they have hanging Blinds in some of the apartments)
Faucet-80$ a piece
Main Door Lock 80$
Passage lock 50$
If you break any of these during your time there they will charge you no matter how they were broken and they won't tell you until you write up a work order. They won't fix anything related to that item untill you pay the money. So essentially they have a paywall to some maintenance.
* No electronic button for Handicap entrance.
*Never Wash their Windows
*Construction right next door for the next 2 years.
*noisy parking garage on the back side.
* Laundry Machines often flooded.
* Front locked door often broken and left open.

For students it might not be such a bad place as long as you don't get one with roaches. For those who want to stay longer I would suggest looking some place else as currently prices are lower in other buildings.

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