205 Madison Ave
Toronto, ON M5R

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Does anyone have any further information on the status of bedbugs in 2015? Looking to possibly rent here.

The property (205 madison avenue) has been inspected for bed bugs and prevention measures have been taken on two occasions March 6th and March 13th, 2015. The house does not show any traces of bed bugs.

Lived there for 2 months on a 4 month lease. Had to opt out halfway because the landlord is something new. The "inspections" thatwere done to the room for bedbugs were by himself only after pleading with him to get this issue fixed. After ignoring my phone and texts he proceeded to spray pesticides onto my bed as "treatment". Upon cancelling my lease, he also was hesitant to give back the $200 security deposit fee even though it was obvious he breached the lease after a whole month of not doing

anything upon getting bites every night. I really hope someone reads this...hate for what I had to go through to happen to someone else. The landlord is a borderline scammer...stay away.

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