45 Spadina Rd
Toronto, ON M5R 2S9

Found 2 reports:

Bedbugs and mice in both 45 and 41 spadina and have been since early 2020

Parking lot and lawns are usually covered in trash, broken glass, and recently a toilet?

Construction has been ongoing for the past year or more and has been stopped a few times because tenants have reported them to the city for not following laws. They start construction again after the inspectors leave.

Construction workers are always leaving broken glass, drywall dust, garbage etc in the halls and common areas

and aren't cleaned for weeks to sometimes months. Tenants complain but nothing really happens

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Summer 2020, 41 and 45 Spadina Rd. Are connected buildings so this review is for both. Bedbugs found in multiple apartments, landlords tried to hide it but there is a tenants association and tenants inform each other. I've never seen any pest treatments or spraying or exterminators or anything, never got our apartment treated. We also have an ant infestation and mice. Myself and other tenants have also had our storage lockers located in the lower floor hallways broken into and items stolen, prob

ably because the building doors are broken and don't always lock. Tenants have complained to management multiple times about issues and nothing ever changes

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