2177 Avenue Rd
Toronto, ON M5M 4B7

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We lived on the second floor for 5 years. No bedbugs at all. 1 have seen two roaches, one dead one when I moved in, and another in the front hall 3 or 4 years later that must have walked in under the gap on the front door. The building has spiders in it, small little things which you will hardly see.

Pro-tip - before moving your stuff in, do what I did. Get 3-4 tubes of clear silicone and seal the baseboards along the floor. We have never had a problem.

I have seen Abell Pest control a f

ew times for our building probably for roaches. There is no garbage chutes - dumpsters outside, so no roaches chilling in the basement. 1 resident on the 2nd floor near the elevators is pretty gross and it smells of garbage when walking by their place.

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