14 York St
Toronto, ON M5J 0B1

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I previously reported an incident at a unit on the 10th floor of 14 York Street. The issue was promptly dealt with upon our departure from the unit.

The host had provided frequent updates to my mother on the status of the cleaning efforts, profusely apologized for the mishap as well as provided assurance the unit was investigated by a pest removal company and subsequently cleaned.

I feel confident the issue was resolved in a timely manner but am unfortunately unable to remove my origina

l posting from this site.

A positive review has since been posted about the unit through Airbnb by my mother.

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My mother and I stayed at a unit #1007, on the 10th floor of 14 York in downtown Toronto . The unit was listed on Airbnb and operated by a gentleman named George. We went to bed on evening #5 of a 2 week stay and found a single bed bug in the bed. We then proceeded to strip the bed and look around the bed frame. The bed frame had about 10 or so. some alive some dead. My mother sustained 3 bites on the right side of her neck and 2 on the other side. I have 3 bites on my arm.

The host has abou

t 17 active listings on airbnb, some of which seem to be located at the same location. I am told this building has about 80% airbnb occupancy - so the likelihood that bed bugs are a pervasive problem is almost certain.

I have attempted to find the unit on the host's airbnb and it has since been taken down - I will therefore be unable to provide a review to warn others.

Overall an extremely unpleasant experience that cut our trip to TO short. We were however given a refund for a leg of our trip.

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