280 Dundas St E
Toronto, ON M5A

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Lived here from oct 2012-june2015.Lived on the 8th floor, unit 821.

This place is fucking gross. Cockroaches, mice, crackheads...Luckily I never had any bedbugs, but I was always uneasy doing my laundry in the shared laundry machines in the basement. Mgmt blows, they do not care about what you need. Neighbours are gross people. FUCK YOU ROB in 821!
The hallways stink of weed always, and there's there crack rock all over the area. Got evacuated twice after two different units caught fi

re. Got stuck in the elevator once for 45 minutes. All night you will hear sirens and yelling. The walls are very thin so you hear EVERYTHING going on around you. While I lived there there was 3 separate shootings within a half block from the building. After 8 you will start to see the hookers come out, and if youre up early youll see people actually deficating in the lobby. its 3rd world

Great fried chicken & Pakistani food across the street, as well as strippers

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Thinking about renting but wondering if any of the mice and bug problems have changed ?

I woke up this morning and was heading some noise and saw at least 4 or 5 mice running all over the place. That place is disgusting. I saw a couple at the end of the month of September and the receptionist gave me a mouse trap. I was so shocked I didnt respond. I refused to pay rent just in case it happens again ans guess what....I was right. This place is so nasty,

I was also considering renting a place (visit scheduled today), but after reading all this there's no way I'm even going to check out the place. cheap or not I don't care, I'm not roommating with roaches and bedbugs, fuck that!
Plus, all I've visited so far were filthy crackhead-infested buildings so I'm done visiting nasty place. I'll pay more for rent.

I know there are definitely a few bugs, but its nice to have some company you know! Look, it could be a heck of alot worse in toronto considering some of the sh*tholes that are not maintained at all. and Its not like the insect problem is uncontrollable really. but in terms of the neighbourhood, i know it sometimes gets a bad reputation, but the reality is that i've been living here for a few years, and never had any problem/anyone approach me who looked less than savoury-i feel completely safe

as a student living here and invite my friends over anytime without any concern.

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I know there are definitely a few bugs, but its nice to have some company you know! Look, it could be a heck of alot worse in toronto considering some of the sh*tholes that are not maintained at all. and Its not like the insect problem is uncontrollable really. but in terms of the neighbourhood, i know it sometimes gets a bad reputation, but the reality is that i've been living here for a few years, and never had any problem/anyone approach me who looked less than savoury-i feel completely safe

as a student living here and invite my friends over anytime without any concern.

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Thank you everyone for the reviews. I was seriously considering to rent there for the price. I'm glad I checked before renting. Thanks again!

Alice September 1 2012

I'm actually living in this building and yes the situation is as f*cked up as what people said previously!!!
I'm living on the 7th floor and my apartment looked pretty much ok the first day I moved in. From the 2nd day, I began to notice few roaches....
I have to say I'm considered as a clean freak by my friends, so when I noticed bugs I decided to fight these little f*ckers. It used to be a fight cause now it's a war!!!
I have sealed all the cracks on my walls, un

derneath all the sinks, in the washroom.
I clean my floor every 2 days, I dumb my garbage out daily, I have placed dozens of roach traps, sprayed insecticide, and gel, I still see a roach from time to time!!!
Ad on top of that, that the neighbourhood is crack city, then I would say don't even come to check this place!!! Waste of $ and time !

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Do not rent here. These apartments are absolutely disgusting. They are infested with bugs and roaches, the first night I moved in I killed 7 roaches, and I saw 3 or 4 almost everyday. The management brought a guy from a "professional company" and sprayed my apartment twice, two days later the bugs were back again. I could not stay there for more than two weeks, I broke my lease and left, but they kept my deposit money ($1300) of course.

This was not a problem in my apartment only (as you can

also tell from the other reports here), I've talked to some neighbors who also told me they had bugs in their apartments and I heard several people complain about it at the management office. Stay away from this building.

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I have lived in this apartment building for about 6 months. In December 2011 I came home to find two baby mice laying dead on my floor with my puppy so proud of what he caught. At night I would wake up to scratching sounds coming from the heater which runs along the whole room.... Finally figured out what the noise was. After that no problems until about march 15th 2012. I noticed a bug coming up through my sink. I squealed like a little girl then killed it. After I googled bugs to see what kind

it what I realized I had roaches. After looked closer in my cupboards and near sinks I found traces of more. I shook my table in the kitchen and sure enough, 2 fell on the floor. I packed a bag of clothes and left immedielty. I told the lady at the front about the bugs and she just hands me a form for Orkin on how to prepare my apartment for treatment tomorrow. This obviously happens a lot? When I was looking it up online I found something about how they crawl through the pipes an up your sinks and blah blah blah... Wouldn't this mean they need the spray the ENTIRE apartment or they will just come right back after the dust settles? I'm not an Orkin dude but that's what I thought... And sure enough, I was right. This place is fuking disgusting. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy there. I read one article on how they just try and blame you for the problem... They did. I'm probably the hottest cleanest thing those scumbags have ever seen and they tried to tell me my dog was the reason I have roaches. My dogs cleaner then any of the filthy crackheads they rent to... Anyways long story short. DO NOT FUCKING LIVE HEAR!!!!

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Trust me, I wouldn't move here. This place has mice and cockroaches. I lived near the top and killed two mice and there were tons of cockroaches. Plus you have the risk of getting bedbugs. If you are a girl, then I definitely don't recommend living here because it's not safe with all the crack addicts. There is a mental institute specifically for males who have mental issues right around the corner. And living next to Sherbourne is never a great idea.

Has the building improved? With the bed bugs, roaches, management and everything? After reading the reports below, i'm actually skeptical about this apartment. But it's so affordable, and very close to the downtown core. Help! If there's any insight on this apartment.

I lived in this shithole for 11 long months from september 2010 to july 2011. i must agree to all of the above statements abt this place. its full of roaches and bugs. the place is so sketchy and there are always screams of mad homeless people fighting coming from the road outside! i lived on the 2nd floor and i could always (i mean 24/7) smell the pot if i passed through the hallway. the mngmt is very unresponsive.
one issue that nobody has raised (or maybe i hv missed) is of heating. forget

abt central heating. the vents merely serve the bugs to move freely. I had two heaters in each corner of the apt to get the temp livable, still i had to keep socks on! the floor was always freezing!

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This place is a piece of s**t. If someone said they are new to the building and haven't seen any bugs or roaches, they are lying. It's probably management writing that bs. This apartment is garbage. There is a dude on the 6th floor that works in the office and his stench stinks up the whole hallway. I feel like I'm breathing in dirty moldy molecules every time I hall through the hallway. This place is garbage. It's only great for crack heads and dirty motherf*****s. I'v seen some people who look

like me, a student. Apart from them, there are a bunch of goofballs here.

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I just want to say I'm thankful for all these reports & the fact that I thought to check before looking into renting from here. I'll keep looking & not even bother calling.

I wouldn't recommend this apartment. The first day I moved in I found cockroaches. Then there were mice. I lived near the top so I'm surprised that the mice were able to get that high up.

This area to begin with is not the safest area to live in also.

Just a comment. I am new to this building and so far I have not seen any bugs, roaches, or mice. Not even in the common areas.

Just a comment. I am new to this building and so far I have not seen any bugs, roaches, or mice. Not even in the common areas.

Just stay away from this place, rats and roaches will be your friend for the time you are staying in this building. keep the lights off and turn it on I bet you there will be cockroaches roaming around. I already reported that to management but fat chance no cure till now and even they are increasing rent out of regulation under pretext of improving the building.

01/04/11 how is it that the management can ask for over and above rent increase for the units, I will tell you most of the people who live thier are students or working joe's who can't afford to take a day off work so when its time to go the rent increase date at the rent review board the management don't have no one to fight against the increase every coment I have read on this site rings true because when I moved in they showed me an apartment on one floor that was in great condition but when

I went back after work with all my stuff in a rental van the secuirty gaurd gave me the keys to a differnt unit that was infested with bugs and in such a condition that had me very angry but I could not afford to rent the truck for three days until the management office opened.

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I am sure the the people who own and manage this building do not live in a home swarming with mice, roaches and bed bugs, but when any of the tenants approach them with legitimate concerns they first blame the tenant, they then become silent and ignore work orders hoping you will stop complaining. I feel bad for the Ryerson students who have been swindled into paying good money to this building's owners and managers who do not care about their health.

Bradley Court Ltd. does not seem to be a

very repuitable company as the building manager won't even tell anyone his name. What is he afraid of.

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The management of this building have no concern for their tennants. I have never had any of my concerns dealt with in a mature and professional manner. Mice, Bed Bugs and Cock Roaches have been a continual problem for years.

I caanot get the building manager to provide his full name. I guess that gives you an idea of the kind of shady characters that own this building. Do not move into 280 Dundas St. E.

May 1, 2010 - present. I live on the 8th floor, and even though someone else mentioned having bedbugs while living on the 8th floor, I'm lucky enough that I don't have them. BUT! The cockroaches are absolutely out of control. No matter how clean I keep this place, they're everywhere. I have some boxes and they looove cardboard apparently. When I moved in, things were fine. A few days later I'd notice a few tiny bugs scamper off when I'd turn on the bathroom light. At this point, they're massive.

At this point, I've seen some almost 2" long. I was speaking to someone at George's BBQ who used to do maintenance in this building. He said not to even bother with management. He said their solution to everything is to "put a band-aid over it." This building is disgusting, this neighbourhood is frightening. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING!

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I lived here 4 years ago in 2006 and had an infestation of bedbugs. The managment blamed me but paid to have my apartment fumigated and gave me a new mattress. A week later they were back. I was having a bath one day and noticed a few of them crawling through the vent. The entire building has had this problem for many years. The management has known about it this entire time. Also the building manager sexually harrassed me and a guy got shot on the sidewalk outside while I lived there, but thats

another story. Anyways do not rent from this place. It is disgusting and dirty. I lived on the 9th floor and knew about 6 other people in the building also had bedbugs on many different floors. My biggest regret is not taking them to court for the hundreds of dollars I spent washing all my clothing and trying to get rid of them and finally having to move in the middle of exams.

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I moved into the 3rd floor of 280 dundas for the 2009 college school year.As there was no apartments available at the time in the area for my budget. 1st of all my stove stink fridge unit had all the breakers and wires cut. mgnt, had nothing to say, except that the unit was no longer working. So living there about 2months now, eatting out mostly, as i can't cook in my apartment. Keeping everything clean, like spotless clean!. I get up in the middle of the night and turn on the light and see this

little bugs running around and back in the crack in the wall. i put on my shoes and start killing them, i use the washroom and turn of the light for a min. and then want to check if there anymore. turn on the light and more are there i start stomping them and more come out of the wall. i see one on the wall open the cuboard door and like 20 come crawling out. i kill most of them and head out to a 24hour grocery store, shakin and shocked, unsure if there roaches or bed bugs. On going battle for weeks i stay at friends places on weekends etc.. couple cans of raid a week, taped all cracks, baseboards, etc, Everything. Spent hours scrubbed the walls and floors ,washroom , cuboards, fridge. everything hot water soap. Still id see atleast one a day. I havn't been to the office yet as i know they will blame this on me being dirty, but as i walked in one day another man was complaining about the problem, i joined the conversation and the rent lady took our names and room numbers.i knew it wasn't me when i seen them on other floors in the building. I would always have lights on , as it seemed to keep them to a minium. Hard to have friends over when you know not only is the neighbourhood sketchy but theres bugs crawling around that want to eat you. So i looked into moving to the 6th floor, but rent had increased and they couldn't promise anything cleaner.i got the odd bite when i woke up, and try'd to make my apartment livable,only sleeping when i had to. i stayed there and got out a few days before my 6month lease was up. Moving to my aunts house in hamilton and taking the go bus to school everyday at 4a.m. I hope someone reads this before there it happens to them. Save some money and find a better place or just pay the extra money for a CLEAN place , maybe out of that neighbourhood. I seen painters in to clean apartments and peaked into see, and it was dirty than a garbage dump in some apartments. The things i've seen in that building still haunt me from bug to the kinds of people living there and there activties. I wish i was warned...

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Here's a link to another forum with info on DE that you should read.

There is a store called "grassroots" on Danforth that sells it. Also check with "whole food & organic type stores"

Be very careful applying it. Read the instructions.

Living with bed bugs in this building. Awful. Doesn't help that most of the tenants on my floor are filthy animals themselves.
They have no regard for others and toss their trash any place they please. Disgusting.
I use diatomaceous earth to fight the bedbugs and so far i only find one or two crawling around my floor not on my bed.
Too bad I can't find a solution for the human trash i share this building with.

Would you be able to say what room on the eighth floor? I just moved in to the eighth a month ago. My dad has sealed all the baseboards but I sometimes get these pimple like bumps on my back. I've had bugs in my room but I know its cause I had a hole in the window screen, but should I be worried? If I live close they may have crossed into my room or maybe thats the reason the last tenant moved out?

I live on the 8th floor of 280 Dundas Street East in Toronto, Ontario. I noticed some swellings on my back towards the end of June 2009. I initially thought they were pimples that had become inflamed.

During the late spring and summer months I noticed bugs mainly in the kitchen and bathroom. There is a hole in the wall in the bathroom between the door hinge and the bathtub and sometimes bugs come out of there. They also seem to come out of the drain pipes as several times I have found them i

n the bathtub and in the wash basin. When I see the bugs I kill them. A couple of times I have killed a type of round body bug that is identical to the pictures on the internet of bed bugs.

I started to get more "pimples" including lines of "pimples" done my arms and one on the highpoint of the top of my foot. I assummed it was scabies or a mite infection. Then, on July 15th, at work I noticed I had two large and painful "pimples" under the collar of my shirt. I immediately went to the walk in clinic and they were just super. It took 4.0 hours but before I had left I had seen a general practitioner and a dermatologist.

The dermatologist said I did not have scabies or mites and that I was being eaten by bugs that lived somewhere otehr than on my body. She described the bed bugs as sesame seed size but the ones I had killed were bigger. She said that the inflammation points take three days to get that bad so I knew I had some lag effects that would show up in the next few days. She told me there is an epidemic of bed bugs infestations in Toronto.

So now the war has started. The first night I sealed several holes in my mattress with packing tape. I had several more "pimples" including one on my forehead near the hairline.

So I took a sick day from my workplace and went over the plastic cover on my mattress looking for any holes and I found several large holes at the bottom end where the plastic bag had not been effectively sealed. I shook a lot of white dust off of the mattress and it was present in heavier concentrations along the plastic seams of the bag covering the mattress. At the computer cafe the proprietor told me about diatomaceous earth so I assume that is what the white stuff was.

I went to the library and looked up the remedy for bed bugs. I moved my boxes of books away from the bed and moved the bed away from the two walls which it was touching. I taped the extension cord of the light high up the wall and away from the floor. I went to a major department store at Dundas Square and bought pillow cases that form a barrier against dust mites. I washed all of my white laundry in hot water and dryed it at the hottest air temperature. I then fell asleep and I think I did not get another bite. Anyways, several bites along the underside of my arm and on the joint of my big toe have reddened further and become painfully swollen.

I took a second sick day off of work and continued to order and inspect the apartment. I'll also travel across town to buy some diatomaceous earth which is supposed to scrape through the wax skin of the bedbugs and cause them to die of dessication several days later.

I've never had bedbugs before but now I have at least 36 bite inflammation marks which are definately not "pimples" and a costly battle on my hands, two days of missed work plus another afternoon at the walk in clinic.

Building management did not once mention the bed bug infestation at this address. Clearly they are aware of it judging by the plastic bag around the mattress and the sprinklings of diatomaceous earth. I feel as if I have been defrauded.

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Follow-up, just looked at my bed - found a good four to five them. Absolutely....will not say what.
This is just awful.

Was packing up my laundry - shoes, socks, etc, etc. When I got to picking up my blankets and quilts, I felt a little tingle on my arms...I looked and saw a bug, I said - huh, body-lice?

I investigated further, and looked under my quilt - what do I see, tons of exoskeletons, moving brown bugs. I was shocked, I have never seen anything like this in my life. It was absolutely disgusting, they were moving, they were settled in the ridges of my quilt.

It was a Friday night when I discovered thi

s - so I wasn't even able to put a WORK-ORDER till the Tuesday following that week (Monday was Family Day). I packed up my clothing and belongings, and hoped that the little devils weren't following me - granted, I expected a few to tag along, and I have seen two in my belongings at my other residence...I'm going to get my house cleaned top and bottom due to this.

Well anyway, fast forward to Tuesday. The property manager has the audacity to blame me for this! Ha! I sleep at a second residence and my mattress and bed is perfectly clean, I checked it today twice. He then tells me that they'll call someone to spray the room, and that I'd have to do what was listed on this paper they gave me - the amount of work I had to do was equivalent to moving out - which I wish I could, but I have two more months left.

My apartment has been sprayed, I was displaced for quite some time - no compensation was provided whatsoever.

I cannot believe what a mess I have gotten myself into, I hope that they have not spread to my second residence - it would be catastrophic.

Nonetheless, there will be a second spraying in a week...I hope it's all taken care of, I can't deal with this stuff.

And suffice to say, I shall never set foot in this building ever again - my last month is April 2009.

The management seems to be very defensive in the light of situations like these, they kept insisting I was the cause of this - No Sir, please look at how many infestations there are within walking distance from this building.

I am downright appalled, disappointed with this building and management.

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