35 Hayden St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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One bed bug found on computer while working in bed.

I would just like to confirm that there are NO bedbugs in this building! I've lived here since February 2010 which is roughly when the building was made available to the public, though it was still largely unfinished. I too live on the 4th floor and have never seen nor heard of any bedbug infestations or inspections.
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Hi, I've lived at 35 Hayden Street (Bloor Street Neighbourhood) since February of 2010, which is roughly when it became open to the public. Not only is this a brand new condo building, it is comprised of primarily privately owned suites. The building is absolutely clean and is also very well maintained. I live on the 4th floor and have never had a problem with any sort of pest, nor have I heard of any problems. Maybe you're thinking of the building across the street on the North side, Tiffany Es


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Nobody lives in the units on the 9th floor because they are unfinshed. Bedbugs can't be in units that have never been lived in. Stop spreading false information on this website. It's not helpful.

To "Bob"

Hi, I just moved into this building. Are you absolutely certain about this bed bug report? This is a brand new building! Do you have any idea of the exact number of suites that have them or the suite numbers?

Any information is very much appreciated.

My friend moved there just recently. Wow. Several of the suites on the 9th floor had them.

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