52 Dundonald St
Toronto, ON M4Y 1K2

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I cannot believe that there aren’t any reports for this location. About 1 month after I moved in here I ended up with a large infestation. The landlord (liaison for landlord) tried to tell me that I must have brought them in, she actually made me feel terrible because I was at fault. She proceeded to spray my apartment, only my apartment, and of course the situation was not remedied. Each time the apartment was treated I had to sit outside or in the laundry room with my cat for 5-8 hrs. We spr

ayed 4 times until eventually we did a heat treatment. By this time winter had set in and the bed bugs went away. The following spring they came back. By this time I found out that the whole building was infested. They would spray one or two units whose occupants complained and that was it. I kept getting them over and over again until I moved out, threw out all my furniture and treated all my clothes. This building is the sketchiest, worst maintained, hope that I’ve ever seen try to pass as liveable. Please stay away!!!!

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