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Bed bugs & cockroaches - this apartment is so infested it's disturbing. From the day I moved in, I noticed people with garbage bags in the laundry room, cleaning all their clothing (due to infestation). Within a few months, even with deliberate measures to prevent (daily cleaning, keeping all laundry off the laundry floors, high temp drying, etc), sure enough I got bedbugs in my apartment. DO NOT RENT AT THIS APARTMENT. This is a horrible place to live. Oh yeah...and there are also lots of cockr

oaches...awesome. Any positive review is Medallion trying to mitigate this reputation.

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I have been living here for about 6 months at the 18th floor and No bedbugs an 'roaches has been seen here in this time. Nice and clean building and well kept. Laundry room perfectly working and subway station 5 minutes walking.

This place has bad reviews for a reason. Ignore them and you'll spend the year like I did bothering with exterminations, maintenance reports, arguments with the office,and attempts at covering up your bites. I have lost so much money from all the dryer bills from trying to get rid of bugs. Myself and my room mate are both throwing out mattresses, clothes, rugs, blankets, pillows and our couch (all of which we will have to replace).

We moved in in September and can't wait to get out. Since m

oving in we have had problems with two rounds of bedbugs, the plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom, mold, and now cockroaches. Management here is stubborn and overwhelmingly incompetent: they made a "boo-boo" on our lease and have been unwilling to talk to us about all of our problems.

We are two girls and yes we kept the place clean and did everything to prevent bedbugs but it didn't matter-- we got them anyways. twice. We had an extermination early in the winter and had another one by June because they came back because this building is infested.Management also refused to tell me how many times my unit has been exterminated in the past.

Living here has been a nightmare and a huge regret. Don't give this place the benefit of the doubt like we did, you will find that it's not worth it. Put more effort into finding a decent place in Toronto that you can live in stress free.

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Just wanted to say to all you liers that have glowing reports about 545/555 Sherbourne St, they must be paying you to say nice things, or you work for them! Meddalion Corporation Sucks, and that's the real truth!



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For the person that asked who the management company is for these buildings, I believe is Medallion Corporation.

I live in one of their buildings and consider them a mere step above slum landlords and judging by some of the building addressees in Toronto, one can see why.
Sorry, but these buildings on Sherbourne look like slums to most other people.

We have lived in 555 Sherbourne for over 6yrs and never saw bedbugs, or barely any cockroaches. I haven't seen a cockroach in years. Our place is EXTREMELY CLEAN. No garbage, no dishes, no food laying around as well as daily vacuum and light cleaning. The only thing I have noticed are fruit flies now and again. I love this building but the neighbourhood is horrid.

Am moving into this building coming June 2012 and all these negative post saddens me. Right now am at 140 Carlton and when reading the post for my own building it's also reports of bedbugs or something. An here for a year now and I have not seen any bedbugs or roaches . I agree with a previous post on here stating if you bring garbage into your unit like old furniture etc they will certainly be in them . Another reason is not keeping your place clean etc. I do hope I wouldn't have to deal with b

edbugs here cause am such a coward person. The building do far may have step it up from last year because the elevators are fast and new , management seems friendly on the phone and in person, hallways are clean and the unit am moving to seems clean by the person who are currently living there. I must say sometimes it's depressing reading building reviews because you never seem to read anything positive . People need to post their positive reviews if they have experience living at a building so others can see and read . Sorry it is stressfull looking for apartments ..

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I lived here from 2009- 2010. Before I left I had to throw out 2 leather couches, matteress,
box spring and countless other things. Management makes you sign a paper stating that it is not their fault for the bedbugs. The exterminator comes in and like bedbugs do...they crawl further into the wall until the spary wears off. During that time plenty more breeded and hit my house hold with a vengence. I was covered from head to toe with red marks.. I could

n't sleep for days on end. It is truely like living in a nightmare.

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We lived in this place from March 2006 until September 2007 but there were no incident of bedbugs, coachroach, etc.... We love this place and we wish we could live here but we already bought a house. Given the chance to live again in downtown Toronto, I will still choose this place. Whenever I have friends looking for apartment, I always recommend this place.

2010 March to April, I found lots of bed bugs.. 29th floor.
I was just stay only a month, but I got uncountable bites...

A couple weeks ago my partner noticed red bumps and thought they were an allergic reaction to something so went to the Dr who told him they looked like bed bug bites. Of course I didn't believe it because I had no bites until I found one crawling across the mattress one night. So I reported to management the next morning and they scheduled an exterminator to come. Its been 1 week since the exterminator was here and I just found a live one crawling across my mattress again! Apparently it takes 2

or 3 treatments to kill them all but I don't know how much more of this I can take...at 2 weeks between treatments thats over a month until they're supposedly dead. I can't sleep..I'm exhausted and frustrated and angry. My partner is soundly sleeping and isn't all that phased by them but I can't sleep even if I try. I'm constantly thinking I feel them. I'm so tempted to just pick up and move with nothing but the clothes on my back. This building is a dump as others have stated so think twice before you move into any of the 3 in this complex. I haven't been into 565 or 545 but if its anything like 555 STAY AWAY! The elevators are CONSTANTLY broken. Its nothing to spend 15 minutes waiting for one - if it even lets you off at your floor. Cockroaches were horribly until they finally had the entire building treated which in their defence seems to have worked as I haven't seen one since but it took them a LONG time to act.

I can't figure out where we got the bugs but I had read that its very unlikely for bed bugs to travel on a persons clothes while they're wearing them and other than a movie theatre, we haven't been anywhere that is typically known for having bed bug problems. I think they came from other units in the building which is apparently quite common in highrises. That really terrifies me because that means no matter how many are killed, they'll keep coming from other units. I'm afraid to even brush up against people in the elevator incase they have them and are unaware like we were at first. But thats hard to do since the elevators are always broken so when one does come finally, you're sharing it with 8 other people. Sorry for the long rant but as usual, almost 4 am - can't sleep and really pissed off!

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Gigi 7/7/2011

I moved in to the 555 sherborne building a couple of months ago and I have started to notice the bites. I just wanted to know how much it would cost management to take care of the bedbug problem?

Anyone thinking of moving to 555, 565, 575 Sherbourne street apartment buildings? Please DON'T.
Management Suxxxxx!!! Bed Bugs are all over the place. Elevators are just a pain in the ass. These buildings are not worth a penny. Sorry but this is the fact.

I have just recently moved into this apartment.
I have not seen a bedbug myself but my friend on the lower floor has. I can't wait to get out of this place tho, it has the worst management in the world. I'd rather deal with bedbugs then the management at this office.

I live in building 555 unit 2902. I discovered 4 bed bugs crawling across my floor yesterday morning (January 4th 2010). I immediately brought one in a plastic bag down to the superintendent office and sure enough, it was a bed bug. The women at the reception were very sympathetic and immediately gave me a request form to fax over to the exterminators. Since then, I have been laundering like crazy, then putting things into garbage bags and leaving them out on my balcony. This morning, I woke up

to my very first bed bug bites. There aren't many, so I'm chosing to stay optimistic and believe that I caught them early.
At the moment, just slowly cleaning, vacuuming, spraying, and emptying my entire apartment until the exterminators come (which should be in 5 days). I'll update in a few months with whether or not the treatment worked. My only concern is that they are using chemicals and not the PureTherma Heat method (which I have been told is the most effective).

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I am still living at 555 sherbourne. This place is just not worth it. My apartment is infested with bed bugs. Management doesnt give shit. Can't wait to move out of here. My lease finishes in Feb. next year. Until then, Fighting with Bed Bugs!!! Wish me luck guys.... and please don't move into any of these buildings...555, 565 and 575 sherbourne street...

Gun shots, smun-shots! Try living in Rio and then tell me how violent Toronto is! Here's a helpful tip to those who have bed bugs in their place. Ok..baseboards: seal 'em with caulking. Along the floor - seal them right up! If you have the sliding doors ( on the track ) seal up the tracks flush with the floor with caulking! You might find bugs inside the closets, huddled in close behind the metal handle part on the inside rim. Check it out! Get a residual spray and spray these areas thoroughly.

Always where shoes around the house and never ever wear your socks to bed that have been walking all over the floor - these can transfer any eggs on the floor, directly into your bed! When taking the ttc...never ever ever ever sit down in the seats - they are there also and can crawl onto your coat, pants, hand bag or what have you. When traveling - put your luggage into the TUB in the bathroom with the LIGHT ON - never put bags on your bed after coming in from some where - they'll just scurry off and into your bed, or where ever else. Cockroaches? Never seen them then, I have 3 cats so.... Wash every thing in very hot water and check your bed every night for signs of bed bugs. If you don't have ( or hardly have ) bed bugs..it's worth getting them early before they explode into uncontrollable populations. Education is key in dealing with this problem and, if all else fails - moving won't do you any good because they are every where. Dealing with the problem at home by securing your home against them is your best chance for living comfortably.

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I lived at 555 Sherbourne for a 1 year. It was absolutely disgusting. We saw at least 6 cockroaches throughout our stay, as well as bed bugs. I had just bought a new Posturepedic Mattress (VERY EXPENSIVE)& this was my first year in Toronto, coming from kitchener. I only saw a bed bug once... it was scurrying across my bed in the open.. not hiding under the mattress. However, even though I had only spotted one the entire year, I knew they were there as I would awaken to a bitten body. We told the

landlord & he covered everything in our Apt. with some white powder????? OUR TOOTHBRUSHES, DISHES, FURNITURE..?????? It was the dumbest solutiong I had ever heard of. It did absolutely nothing except poison my cat who to this day drools uncontrollably. 555 Sherbourne has extremely rude & poor management. They simply don't care. Oh and not to mention the random gunshots..???

Never live here, not worth a penny.!

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Apt 1903 - happy to report - no bedbugs for well over a year and I have only ever seen one cockroach in my unit 2 years ago. Thank GOD! We have been free & clear of any problems and for those that are worried about the brown gel - believe me, it's a small price to pay for a larger problem and, it's really quite effective. I don't know how other people are in this building with bug problems..but I'm very happy that we haven't suffered in well over a year..it's been blissful! Thanks be to Jesus H.

Christ!! I truly love this building, the location and the views - don't let reports of bugs deter you however, if they are every where down town, why move? It's not management's fault directly...People bring garbage in from off the street, they come in electrical equipment, they travel from apartment to apartment. My word of advice - DO NOT EVER BRING GARBAGE IN THE BUILDING...FURNITURE FOUND ON THE STREET..GARAGE SALE FURNITURE ITEMS OR ANYTHING THAT COULD POSE A THREAT TO OTHER TENANTS! Believe me, you don't want bed bugs disturbing your sleep and ruining your life. It's expensive both for management to take care of the problem and, on a personal level for YOU to buy new furnishings. Careful!

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i also had problems with a mad infestation of roaches in 565 sherbourne. it was disgusting and the management didn't care. i moved out. does anyone out there remember the name of the management company or landlord?

I didnt have bedbugs but i want to let everyone know this building is INFESTED with COCKROACHES!!! the management fumigated 1 wk after i complained, they used the gel treatment (great, now there's dark brown shit coloured GOO everywhere) and that did not deter these suckers- i had to move out asap. Do not move here its a disgusting building.

I wanted to point out to all the folks in this building that want to move. If you have bed bugs when you move they will move with you. Make sure you spray and clean everything before you move or it wont make any difference.

Hey every body - I double dare you - wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning and, with just a flashlight - check the sides of your bed - quickly lift up your mattress as fast as you can and see for yourselves what lovely friends you have!! Seriously, check in the crevices of your sliding doors ( in behind where it's dark ) in the spaces for flat-dark brown insects that shy away from your flashlight....that them!! Congratulations, you have bed bugs : )

I live on floor 20 and I've got bugs, discovered them a week or so ago. I'm not going to tell management though because I had them before and they didn't do a damn thing!! Think twice people!!
I notice that the closets seem to be the perfect location for these bugs too - I saw some in behind the sliding doors, in behind the silver trim..and in the trim along the top and bottom track. There are also some in along the baseboards. I think management should freakin come in and seal everything up or

maybe the government should bring back ddt.

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I live on the 19th floor of 555, Apartment 1903. I was sprayed twice, once in 2007 and again in early 2008. They were quick getting to the problem however, they refused my interest in changing to a different unit ( ignored e-mail sent to their office ) and gain, was just recently rejected to apply for another unit. I'm glad this site is available though and that I'm not the only one suffering from these dreaded bugs!

18th floor bed bugs found! Landlord informed and is going to pay for pest control. I'm moving out as soon as my lease is over! They tried telling me I brought it in grrrrrr... there was a sign on an appartment door next door about an extermination a week or so...so add 1 and 1 together :S

Thanks to Maciej for the great site! I wish I have found it before I moved in here :S

I live on the penthouse level of 545 Sherbourne. I had the problem about a year ago, but luckily was able to get rid of them (?) on my own. I had never seen one before in my life until I woke up one night itching like mad. I never bother to contact the management office about it. I went to Home Hardware one day and bought some stuff called PRO 30. There was a sign by the shelf that this product was "the best for bedbugs". It's about $15.99 a can. I sprayed my futon bed with the stuff and

sprayed inside the metal tubing of the frame, then sealed that up with moving tape. I bought new pillows and covered them with plastic pillow covers that zip closed. I bought a mattress cover for my futon that also zipped up. I vacuum once a week, and each time I vacuumed for some time after, I would spray around my baseboard and around the mattress and frame. That seemed to take care of the problem. As the websites say, they can live anywhere. I have my fingers crossed that I have the problem licked. I leave the plastic covers on my pillow regardless, and it also keeps them from becoming sweat stained. The mattress cover I left on for about a year or a bit longer, but wanted to take it off because I want to see my futon's colors, not some white vinyl. I took the cover off after returning from vacation in August, and so far I have not been covered. I still keep a can of PRO 30 on hand because I like to periodically give a spray regardless. Nothing worse than bedbugs. Give me cockroaches any day over bedbugs!

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I had the same problem as the first post. I live on the 8th floor in 555 Sherbourne and my mattress was brand new and the apt I lived in before didn't give me problems till a week after I moved into this building. Again, the office blamed it on me for bringing it in the building but I knew that wasn't the case. They came to spray and it went away then it came back so during this period I had to stay at a friends house because I couldn't stand the bite marks all over my body. I had to get EVER

YTHING cleaned myself and bought my own insect repellent and kept spraying every week and covered my mattress in a plastic cover... I haven't had a problem since but I asked the office to reimburse me for the costs of cleaning, dry cleaning and repellent, and they said they wouldn't cause it wasn't their fault when of couse it was. I moved in October 2007.

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I had the same problem as the first post. I live in unit 809 in 555 Sherbourne and my mattress was brand new and the apt I lived in before didn't give me problems till a week after I moved into this building. Again, the office blamed it on me for bringing it in the building but I knew that wasn't the case. They came to spray and it went away then it came back so during this period I had to stay at a friends house because I couldn't stand the bite marks all over my body. I had to get EVERYTHIN

G cleaned myself and bought my own insect repellent and kept spraying every week and covered my mattress in a plastic cover... I haven't had a problem since but I asked the office to reimburse me for the costs of cleaning, dry cleaning and repellent, and they said they wouldn't cause it wasn't their fault when of couse it was. I moved in October 2007.

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We are on the 9th floor in 555 Sherbourne, and have been having bed bug bites since September 2007 when we moved in. It took us a long time to determine it was bed bugs, because at first I thought it was an allergic reaction to something, but when someone mentioned it might be bed bugs...we looked under our matress in the middle of the night, in the dark with only a flashlight. Sure enough, one went running by. My room mate has only had a few bites, but I've had bites that run down the side of

my face, covering my arms, and all over my back and legs. It's been terrible. The first time we called the landlord, they came and sprayed within a few days. The problem went away for about a month, but then came back. We got them to spray again, and we were good for about 2 months, but now they're back again. I have several bites on my back this morning. We keep our aparment obsessivly clean, washing and changing our sheets twice a week, keeping all clothing and clutter off the floor. The building says it's our 'fault for bringing them in to the building.' We've spoken to other tennants on other floors, and they have them as well. Also, a gentleman we spoke to in 565 also experienced the same thing. We also just encountered our first cockroach in our fridge. I would never recommend this building to anyone. Besides the terrible way we've been treated when dealing with the bed bugs, the landlord and building is poorly managed. Good luck reader, I hope this never happens to you.

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I offered to fix my friend's computer, so it may have been the source of infestation.

Take heed, never bring used objects into your home!

He lives near the Art Shoppe south of Eglinton & Yonge on Hillsdale.

Landlord is usually on top of matters spraying for other pests keeping other creatures under control, but this is a different matter altogether!

I may not bother them to help caulk crevices and just manage this on my own.

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