275 Bleecker St
Toronto, ON M4X

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bed bugs come in with the illegal aliens the political correctness of Canadians is now reaping what you have sowed..America is not far behind you. The longer we allow the open borders the more bugs, disease and crime fill our streets

Bedbugs are a huge problem in this building as this is the 7th time we have had them. Management just comes in and sprays everything then you have to throw it out, but clearly this does not work, as it is the 7th time. This building is owned by the city of Toronto our city makes money off drug deals, they rent out to drug dealers then get them to pay monthly fees to allow them to deal drugs out of their apartment. Our city has this area infested with bedbugs, crack and drug dealers. NEVER MOVE I


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Not only are there bedbugs here , there are all kinds of problems. The company greenwin uses to spray for pests doesn`t do a good job. I had them in 2008 and had the place sprayed, the man only did 60% job. I had moved all furniture into center of rooms , and the guy did spot treatment and told me i had to much stuff. 1 bed 2 dressers 1 desk in my room, ahd thats too much? does greenwin expect tenants to sleep on mats? Now 2 years later we`re still find the odd one, but thanks to me crawling on

my bad knees , I put poison into every baseboard and sealed them completely.We have gone through 10 matteress since 2003. thats money that was for food for me and my child, so I went hungry, so my child ate.Since Dec 3 2009 i`ve been trying to get a faulty stove fixed and greenwin has made stove worse. I pray to god I dont have a fire in my place.

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I'm not sure how I got infected but woke up this morning to find welts on my arms and a trail of blood left behind by these pesty buggers. From what I've been hearing around the building that I might as well through away my furniture and have the landlord continually spray every week while living out of bags as it's almost impossible to get rid of them else wise.

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