60 St Clair Ave E
Toronto, ON M4T

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This is an office building. You have the wrong address.

I had already reported this but it miraculously vanished.

I lived on the 6th floor of this apartment, lease expiring at the end of last year. For about half a year I lived there happily, before I started waking up with bites. After over a week of hunting on my own, I finally asked my family to come and help me find one of these nasty pests. We found just that: one bedbug.

I incurred more bites. I didn't find more bugs, but the unit was sprayed a 2nd time. This time I refused to move back

in the unit, but was told that since my lease wasn't up that I would have to pay, living there or not.

Management first tried to blame my indoor house cat for the pests (I'd had her for 5 years and never had any problems in the past, so she was a scapegoat). When I brought down four dead roaches along with my dead bedbug, the superintendent suggested that there's nothing they could do about it and that they wanted the dead bugs removed from the office.

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