1384 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4T

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T0---Anonymous on 07/28/2011

The person seems to be referring to the time period of the first complaint, not at the time you say the building was empty

Just responding to the report placed Apr 2011. The building has been under extreme renovations since August of 2009. There have been no tenants living in the building since that date. Therefore, it is quite impossible to have a report for bed bugs for an empty building. Thanks!

I had lived there for a couple of years and the place was infested and i walked away from everything i owned. I lost thousands of dollars.

Feb 2009, all units had to be sprayed for bedbugs. I acutally saw them and was bitten about 15 times durring the 2 nights hat I slept there. Its terrible because all your stuf becomes a risk and must be carefully cleaned, or thrown out, big pain in the ass. The owner/landlord was great and had the bldg sprayed right away, but due to the old structure of this place, Public Health says that its unlikley that the problem will go away unless all units are properly sealed and repaired. I feel very so

rry for anyone going through this, and be sure to THOUROUGHLY wash and clean all of your stuff. You can find instructions online. Good luck

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