368 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M4P

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There are two species of cockroaches that dominate this building, there is no bug control regime so they nest in the walls and vents, under sinks etc.

They renovate units and spray those ones, then the bugs move to another unit in building. There are also beg bugs and ticks in the building.

My unit has mold in the bathroom as well.

This building is unsafe.

to anyone who reads this and would like to join me, I have had enough of the "BULLSHIT" please post a message, I will be checking this site daily as I have decided that it is best that we all stand together with regards to all matters pertaining to the problems. I am preparing documents as we speak and will be taking Ben and Howard to the LTB as they have both brought on what they deserve. They are SLUM LORDS, not LANDLORDS. The bed bugs are just the beginning.

its true, the management company is completely inept, any bit of sense is overpowered by their greed. They hire staff who will do anything they say, because they know they cannot find employment anywhere else. Their super and asst super have no problem breaking the law to keep their pitiful jobs.

DO NOT move to this building!! it is a living nightmare, all the way from the cockroaches, to the staff, right up to the owners.

I hope you can find a way to get justice over the Howard Property Co. - the family is deplorable. It is a family run business, with one primary concern - to pocket as much money as they can, on the backs of all their tenants. They are fully aware their building is infested with cockroaches, fleas, ticks, etc, and do you know what they do? They have someone come in to your apartment and spray, which only has the bugs and vermin move to another apartment. Then that tenant complains, they spray

that apartment, and guess what? the infestation once again moves through the walls to another adjoining apartment. I've seen it happen, they sprayed the apartment above mine and roaches came pouring out of the radiators and cracks in the walls.

Some people say that Howard and Ben are just idiots and don't know what they're doing. I believe they know exactly what they're doing. They are deplorable people who think they are above everyone who lives in a rental unit because they have money. They do not care about anything or anyone except for squeezing every last cent out of the building.

They are only spraying apartments of the tenants who are complaining, they know that the bugs just move to another space. But its cheaper to spray the apts of those who complain than to do the right thing and spray the whole building and maintain a pest control regime. They just want to keep the tenants quiet while they try to sell the building. They don't care about the health and welfare of their tenants. They don't care that people are moving and throwing all their belongings/furniture out because it is infested with roaches, as long as they have received your rent, they have zero concern for your loss.

They're ignorant people. They walk around the building puffed out like a pigeon, thinking they're better than everyone else. Karma will get them.

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Don't fucking move here! The Howard management pretends to care but they don't. !! don't listen to them.

They don't care at all bugs everywhere my 2 year old daughter is scared for her life
They need to be arrested and sued I am currently working with my uncle who is a lawyer and he knows officers as well.
We are going to investigate this matter and identify which pests are exactly present and contact health authorities.
Another thing is you can contact ministry of health and get them to d

o testings. It's free.

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ive lived here for 11 years, never had a bug problem until the howard property co took over, now seeing a cockroach is a daily experience...ive seen two different kinds as well, dark brown ones and light brown ones....the building is INFESTED.

The howard property co. will do NOTHING, we can ban together all we want, but they're SO CHEAP, they will not do anything.

I live in the building. I too have seen many bugs of all sorts. I have even seen ticks. If the owner/landlord won't do anything about it, then I think it is time for all of us to stand together and take this to a higher level

I will not provide an email address, as I have no idea to whom is on the receiving end.

Management is a joke.

I have lived here for 5 years. Management has been sucking money out of everyone not caring too much about bugs going around the apartments.

Be aware of these money suckers.

I concur with anonymous 01/2015. I've lived in the building for nearly two decades - the original owner maintained a bi-annual pest control regime, and I never saw a bug/rodent. Since the Howard Property Co. has purchased the building the bi-annual pest service has stopped. I don't know why he professes to maintain a monthly program. Since they have taken over I have seen roaches in my bathroom, on my coffee table and in my kitchen. I've also seen them in the laundry room and elevators. The bu

ilding appears to be infested now. Management company is more concerned with squeezing every penny out of the building to pad their wallet then maintaining a pest free environment. Shame on them.

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On behalf of the landlord, The Howard Property Company is dedicated to addressing tenant's concerns promptly and ensuring our tenants live in a pest-free environment. We maintain monthly pest-control treatments and will respond to any pest control maintenance requests immediately. If you have an issue in your unit, please contact your Superintendent or Property Manager right away.

Terrible space. Always cockroaches, small bugs, and other indescribable insects pacing around.

We've stopped cooking in order to prevent attracting any of the bugs in the kitchen.

Have been dealing with this problem for almost a year now and the property owner refuses to admit that there is a problem. I had to fight with them just to get treatment even after I've shown them bite marks on my body. They told me that it wasnt and had refused to spray

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