10 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON M4L3G8

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It's 2020 and can personally vouch that bed bugs are STILL an issue at this residence. Next door neighbour was sprayed December 2019, a week later we have them crawling up our wall, only to find them in our bed a week after that. Took property manager 2 WEEKS to even contact me back about an exterminator. Thankful that we noticed them before the infestation got bad and took additional efforts out of our pocket to ensure we don't get them again. The information provided by management is extremely

poor and unaccountable for the property. Oh also termites AND mice are an issue. 10/10 do NOT recommend living here, it has been a nightmare ever since we moved in.

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Do NOT move into any of the buildings under this companies care at this location. As a recently past tenant the bed bug problem has never been dealt with properly. They will bomb a floor of units but never the whole building only causes the problem to move around.
The problem was so bad they were in the MAIL BOXES... then carried into our home. You could see them running along the common areas/stairwells. In corners of spiderwebs having been eaten, it was disgusting.
My boyfriend and I wi

th our two cats went through 2 winters of dealing with them and narrowly missed a third as we were checked and cleared a week before moving out as the problem surfaced again. We feared having people over or going to visit anyone and he has a daughter. Also good luck getting anything reimbursed if you have to toss it due to the bugs. If you think you'll ever have to fight them in court make sure everything is documented well.

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Started in April of 2014 with the mysterious red bumps, didn't realize what it was until we saw one crawling up the wall. I had probably 100 bites at one time so that gives an indicator of how badly it was infested. I'm truly shocked that no one else has given a report on this place, because many other tenants we talked to were experiencing the same thing. We moved in July because it seemed like a lost cause. Mice were also an issue in this place.

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