91 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4K 2G2

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We move here a year ago, and since then it has been a disaster. The building is infested with cockroach and bedbugs which is affecting the kids health. We have to repeatly call management to get help. Its very difficult to actually get help and service from management. The landlord barely come to the building so its even more complicated for us to request a service. Theres no garbage bin door is locked so youre forced to go downstairs to drop the garbage. outside its fillthy when going to the st

airs of the parking spots. even to get parking it was a nightmare, we had to call repeatedly. They hire non proffessional to renovate the building which cause damage on the wall and floor with pipes. After they realized that they messed up , we finally saw professional. Later, the work has been been left incomplete. so theires dust on floors broken walls carpet remove. its a total disaster! Its extremely disgusting! Its sad that management dont even care. I wish i could attach the photos to show!

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