80 Blake St
Toronto, ON M4J

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I've lived in 80 Blake most of my life. The bed bugs and mice problem has been going on for fucking years. Super, nice though he is, cannot fucking fathom the pain tenants have to go through. The constant renovation is also a problem. My family has had to treat the home for bed bugs a million times. It's a living nightmare and a fucking shithole.

Hahaha what to say!
I have only lived here one year, and let me tell you its FUCKING DISCUSTING and very embarrassing to ring anyone buy. I do not have a bedbug problem BUT there is a sever cockroach and mice issue here.. super is blaming me for bringing it with me and say I am the only one with this issue. When hello in 10 years of renting. I have NEVER ever had any bug issue.
I've spent over $200 just to deal and patch up all holes
And I hired and paid $350 plus tax for a pest guy to c

ome in as housing is to poor to pay for proper service.
There is still bugs BUT since I hired my guy its slowly fading.

Dirty as people leave their garbage outside their door for 24 hours and there's bugs coming out of it. I want OUT.

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I've lived at 80 Blake st. since 1997, when my family first moved here the only issue that was evident was roaches... now it is clear as glass that there is a bed bug infestation, people need to stop bringing garbage and used furniture into the building, my family has had to replace all furniture 2 times already and still on occasion see a bug here or there. What they need to do is demolish this building and rebuild like they did with regent park. That is the only way to solve the problem in th

e building, because half of the tenants are to nasty/lazy to treat their apartments properly.

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I live on 4/ and currently have bed bugs
I know that the baseboards of this building are poorly placed in so if you catch it from me I'm truely sorry I caught it from someone else also

Anyone know of anymore information for this building .

Problem is people picking up furniture from the street which passed on to me because he's next to my apt. The baseboards at 80 Blake have a wider gap than what it should be. SO UNLESS IT IS CALKED AND ALL GAPS AND CREVICES ARE SEALED IT WON'T MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU KEEP GETTING TREATED !! People are bringing in so much trash too but the renovations to the building is a big plus !

This buliding is disgusting and infected with bedbugs. I had my apartment treated so many times and still they seem to be coming back.It so hard to cope with this.

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