185 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4J

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Cockroach infestation since about October 2014. The cause of the infestation are the hoarder couple living on the fifth floor, who refuse to allow their unit to be sprayed. My unit was sprayed and a month later, cockroaches are back. I was told the bugs were my fault because they're attracted to my cat's food. Management company is very corrupt and refuses to act - blames the super for the tenants' issues.

Apt. 305 just had an infestation. The tenants gave up and moved. They left almost everything behind -- even the air conditioners.

Bed bugs are still an issue in this building. Mostly on floors 4, 5 & 6. The fifth floor has experienced an infestation in almost every apartment. Cockroaches too in many units now. All due to the supers and property managers dragging their heels to address the problems in a timely manner. Tenants who complain of infestations are routinely told it is their fault. Only with repeated complaints and threats to call in a building inspector is a pet control company called in. Every single unit in the

building has a problem with tiny, red ants.

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Two apartments on the 5th floor have had bedbugs in the past six months. In the first case, management refused to do anything for the tenant. They claimed that Rolin Property buildings do not have bedbugs. Finally, Public Health was called in and they forced the owners to treat the apartment. They sprayed three times, but the bugs were still present. The tenant used a steam cleaner on the baseboards, and used heaters to get the bedroom to 110F degrees for three days - that killed them. One month

ago, the exterminator was here again for another unit on the 5th floor - this time, this unit was at the other end of the hall from the first unit. God knows how many other units have bedbugs. A unit on the 3rd floor had bedbugs three years ago. The supers lied to me when I asked about it before I signed the lease. They told me that the building had never had bedbugs or cockroaches. They got one part right, there aren't roaches, but there are bedbugs. The supers and the property managers are bullies. I'm sorry I moved in.

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