150 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4J

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June 2021

I can't comment on actually living in this building, since I only went for a viewing. But during touring an apartment, I found 20+ cockroaches. They were everywhere. On the living room floor, in the bedroom, kitchen cupboards full of them. This was an EMPTY unit ready for move-in! Not due to a dirty tenant.

I asked the super if the building has a pest problem. She responded "no". When I brought to her attention that there's cockroaches everywhere, she had no response. The only t

hing she could come up with is "the previous tenant must not have reported it"...yeah right. If there are that many roaches scattered around an empty apartment during daytime, there's a bigger problem than 1 dirty tenant. Not to mention bedbugs (which plenty of reviews for this building mention). She told me they do not do pest control in the whole building, only affected apartments. No wonder the infestation spreads.

If management is so careless that they didn't even take the time to sweep a unit they were showing to a prospective tenant and just left roaches all over the floor, then I can only imagine the lack of care they have toward their tenants when they're already locked in a lease.

Management will lie to your face that there is no problem with bugs, meanwhile other buildings in the area readily disclosed the types of bug issues they've had, when, and what was done to fix it.

The units are huge, which is the only thing this building has going for it, but no amount of space is worth living in an infestation. They're charging $1500+hydro for this dump, while other MUCH BETTER buildings on the same street are charging $1400-$1450 for fully renovated units.

The infested apartment is on the 6th floor directly across from the elevator. I feel terrible for the people living in this building in these conditions. If you are dealing with these issues please know your rights!! Non-disclosure of pest problems is legal grounds for breaking a lease. You have the right to apply for a provincial order for pest control/maintenance to be done, abatement of rent until it is done, or breaking your lease if it is not done. Look up Breach of Maintenance Obligations through the Landlord Tenant Board - Tribunals Ontario.

Please save yourself the trouble and run!!

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There's dog shit all over the side walks infront of this building in the grass bugs everything
The landlord is just some lazy fuk the wall as are falling apart and still no maintenance knocked the door health of ministry should lay more rules about these landlords operating buildings

Bed bugs again. Sprayed once before. I'm so traumatized. They just keep increasing the rent they are not truly solving this problem!!! They hire very cheap exterminators and don't offer steam cleaning. Just the bare minimum. I think I may just have to move.

Due to some nasty ass tenants, and not reporting that they have roaches, they are now spreading!!! They landlord NEVER informed anyone else on the floor there was an issue so lets see how long until a huge outbreak. If you now how roaches work they will now flee to other apartments.

I live hear and this has been the worst year for noise. Seems there is constantly some form of construction going on. The upkeep has gone down to in this place. Has anyone else had bug problems? If you have what floor? I would like to move out ASAP if this is still an issue.

Is there not some form of notice they have to give tenenats if a bug issue, especially if in laundry room? DISGUSTED

Serious issue with bed bugs!
Have had two treatments either one effective
Need to move asap
Laundry room dryers are full of bugs
Building infestation is unbelievable

7 June 2015, We are moving out of this building because we have been having issues with cockroaches and bed bugs off and on throughout 3 years. The exterminator came in and sprayed, this was fine for a few weeks but the bugs came back. This is a health hazard and unsanitary for my family so we have to move out.

Lots of bed bugs summer 2014. Affected a few apartments. Exterminators had to come a few times. Seems OK since, but now I'm nervous.

Bed bugs found -- coach roaches and carpet beetles!!
November 2014. I'm terrified, washed clothes in room and bedding. Apartment to be sprayed by professionals. Hopefully everything gets taken care of. Will follow up. Traumatized.

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