943 Greenwood Ave
Toronto, ON M4J 4C5

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Sorry this report is made a little late, I had to deal with a lot and was not able to make the report at the time.

This is a 3-unit townhouse. Back in October 2017, I lived on the upper unit, the ground unit had a bedbug infestation. I didn't see it myself but I was told by both the landlord and the treatment team that it looked disgusting. Due to the nature of the construction, since everything was connected, including the walls and the vents, we asked the landlord to treat the entire buildi

ng instead of just the ground unit. He refused. Only treated the ground floor unit.

In December 2017, we discovered that the bedbugs have migrated to the upper unit on the east side. We didn't let it get really bad because we freaked out and demanded that the entire building gets treated. I moved out shortly after so I don't know if there's been other incidents since then.

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