925 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4J 1L8

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2017/03 through 2018/08

There weren't bed bugs, but there are cockroaches and so, so many mice. I informed the landlord about the mouse problem and he didn't care. I ended up finding my own exterminator and charging the landlord for the service (three times in the span in of a year). I have 2 cats who are both apparently good hunters (something I'd rather not know about them), as at one point I'd find 1-3 mice per day murdered on my living room rug or in my bed.

I talked to the store

owner downstairs and she told me that they were also dealing with an infestation and had also killed about 20 rats. The landlord similarly didn't care about their predicament, said he couldn't do anything, and that it was the neighbouring buildings' fault. He refused to discuss it with the neighbours.

He didn't believe the exterminator when he said they were coming up from the basement, because "how could they get up? gravity!".

The clincher that made me move was when my fridge broke and he refused to get one that would fit in the kitchen space, but instead wanted an industrial sized one to sit basically in the middle of my kitchen. Luckily the giant fridge wouldn't fit up the stairs so he had to buy a regular sized one instead.

tl:dr; Don't trust the landlord, he's inept and a liar. The rent is cheap but living there is a health hazard.

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