1964 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M4E 2B1

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Don't judge a book by its cover! I moved in July 2019 and moved right out two weeks later after I discovered bedbugs crawling on the kitchen floor. This building "looks" clean and new because it's been renovated recently but BEWARE OF THE APPEARANCE. Unit 3 is infested with BEDBUGS I had to throw away my sofa, mattress and bedding. STAY AWAY!

I have lived in this 4 unit apartment for almost 3 years and since the first year there has been bedbug issues in the units and laundry area. More recently this year in March and August 2019 were two cases of bedbugs cases. One person moved in March and moved right out one week later and threw out all his stuff on the curb. The landlords did not bother to tell me - I found out the bad news myself. They sprayed all the units one week after but unfortunately it did NOTHING. After 3 days of the fi

nal second round of spraying all the units; I saw a bedbug in my bathroom wall. I immediately texted the landlord Alldrick, he brushed me off and said, "it's not possible, it must be a carpet beetle". WHAT?? I even sent him photos and yet he denied it. Although the landlords are sometimes nice - STAY AWAY PEOPLE!!! It's not worth the hassle and stress of moving and trying to make a comfortable and clean space for yourself and then have to deal with bedbugs every 4 months. It's emotionally taxing, expensive for you in the end because you will need to replace all your furniture. I'm writing this not because I have something against the landlords despite having a good reason to be upset but because I would want to know the living conditions of a new place I want to make my home and, I don't want you to go through what I am. Best of luck!

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