1501 Woodbine Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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Met a guy who lives in a bed bugs apartment on 1501 woodbine ave unit1502 and I went there few times, every time got bites from visited. Inside the room look like a storage , I would not go there again, scared place . I told the guy who lives there about the bugs ... he was so angry. I just feel sorry for him. But if could find the professional to clean up his place

We have a tenant that lives on the 17th floor that has a major bed bug problem. She threw her bed out in the hallway and was infested so bad that you could see the bed bugs crawling on the mattress as well as the wall and floor. The so call. Metcap residential building managers that have no clue about the proper procedures to remove the infested items. Took the items from the hall and down the elevators with out wrapping the items in plastic then left them out side the building. By not knowing h

ow to deal with bed bugs they just put us other tenants that do not have bed bugs at risk of now getting them. We have a number of floors in this building that has a major bed bug problem. And the people they have hired as residential live in building managers have no idea what they are doing. The residential managers in this building have no clue what their responsibility is in looking after a building of this size. Metcap hires people that are not trained as residential building managers to run a 300 plus apartment building. These people do not know just what their responsibilities are in running a building of this magnitude.

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This place is absolutely disgusting, instead of getting new building managers they should start removing the dirty ass people that live here. Ashamed to live here.

Moved in about 14 years ago with my two children and the building was really nice, indoor pool was working as well as the sauna. Never had a problem with mice, roaches and bedbugs until 2008. Not sure how the bedbugs came to be but it definitely was a nightmare. We had a roach infestation that lasted long time. My children were unable to sleep in their room. Eventually the problem got solved after much perseverance on my part to push the management. They found a hoarder several floors above me a

nd the person was removed from the premises. The apartment was cleaned out and the roach problem seized.
After many years of calling the health department, the city and arguing with the management, eventually the building is getting back into shape.

We have a responsibility as tenants to keep the premises and unit clean but it is up to the management to reinforce the by laws.

I blame the management for their lack of commitment and disinterest towards their property and allowing such a beautiful property going to waste. They needed experienced people to keep this property intact. Unfortunately it was not in their budget. It seemed logical for them to constantly fix doors, windows, and countless other items than hiring man power to keep the building secured and up to par.

It takes people with good CS skills, administration and experience to run a building.
Blaming people for their poor life decision is not a solution.
I still leave in the building as I enjoy my unit and after being laid off twice from the Government I am grateful to have an affordable roof over my head. I have worked hard to renovate my unit and perhaps others should do the same. I might not own it but I do leave in it.

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My family including pets moved into this building back in '96. It was a great place at that time... then the property manager started letting anyone move in... as long as you have an income and can prove it, you're in! Park your vehicle(s) at your own risk! Do not obtain a storage locker as your stuff will be gone and/or damaged! The pool and saunas have never been opened as the entire area need new as there are major problems with leaks and the ceiling is ready to come down... the sauna's are

never cleaned just as the pool was never cleaned and few were getting sick! There was a tenants association, but the tenant's bitched but wouldn't put out, it folded... I don't blame them! I must say I lived in more than one unit in this building and for the most part, everything was pretty good... had a roach problem once, but got rid of them, also had a mouse issue once, but got rid of them. Peter and Sue were always there for me and dealt with any concerns I had. The bedbug issue started around 2008, cockroaches forever along with the mice too! This building is just run down and you can't only blame the property manager as he had tried, depending on who you were. Because of the druggies and hopeless people who contributed to a lot of the problems, the property manager obviously gave up... The building is just collecting monies because no one knows how to go to the tribunal... Unless the tenant's get together, things will never change and just continue to get worst! Dog owners do not pick-up, kids do what they want because their parents feel it's ok for them to run the halls and throughout the building and continue to be loud... constant partying because that's all they know... they only know how to get drunk or high! Too many on methadone it's not funny, did you walk by a tweeker today, most likely did! Paint does not fix the problems, actual repairs do! Glad I left after 15yrs! We are now at peace in our own house with much property for the dogs/cats.

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1501 Woodbine Ave. 2 summers ago a family brought in bedbugs on the ninth floor.fumigation was done the family moved out now 1501 Woodbine Ave. it's clean and free of bedbugs

This building is infested with bedbugs for sure, myplace had been sprayed 3 times 2012, 3 times 2013 , this is so disturbing to know , poo is left in front of building for weeks the smell is stink, hallways are not cleaned often, mice , roaches are visible in apt also and in hallways. Management does not care about keeping a clean bldg, can someone please help the tenants in this place, tenants are afraid to speak out. Look into this matter asap

All of first floor totally infested!! Do not move in here if you can avoid it!!! We cant wait to get out! I left domestic abuse nightmare into another!

well my 2yr old daughter went to bed one night and woke up with 6 bites on her lower back....i called my landlord the next day a few days later they had the dog come in and he said my couch and the beds had bedbugs its been over two weeks and my daughter no longer has any new bites....and me and her sleep in the same bed and room...so me and my husband checked everything we didnt find no signs of bedbugs so i dont know whats goin on
...can i have some just not infested yet??

I have been living in this building for 7 years and I have never encountered this before and I am appauled by this. For the last 2 months we had 3 rounds of pesticide and powder and to no avail they are still here. The building needs to be exterminate the entire thing not one floor that they know of but all of it. This will cure the bed bug situation for the time being.

i am living in this building for almost 2 years its infested with cockroaches mice and most of all bedbugs please be aware people think twice u just will not like these bites from bedbugs its the worst

The post below by milkshake is ridiculous.
Go back to school. You need to be reeducated on the

To the idiot who posted below... you obviously haven't done your research. I lived in 2 different apartments in this building and experienced a major bedbug and cockroach problems along with most people in this building. and i am a VERY clean person. it doesn't matter how clean your apartment is, you can still get bugs especially if you live in an apartment building. They can come through the electrical outlets, up the sinks, and the smallest of spaces, there doesn't have to be big holes...

mice can squish into the smallest of spaces. Yes it helps to clean and maintain your own apartment, but if your neighbour has bugs.. you will more then likely get them.
also.... most people(like yourself) may not realize you have them even, especially bedbugs, because some people will get bitten by them but not react at all, whereas alot of people will(like myself, suffering numerous welts all over my body, my boyfriend never experienced any).

Either way.... this board is just to advise people that the building does infact have major problems with bedbugs, cockroaches etc.. regardless of how they got there.

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You know that silverfish actually develop from having wet floors or wet mats on floors. So for the person above me maybe you just need to tidy up your washroom....keep it fresh, especially if you have no windows. As for the one whos child was biten....if you only found 2 or 3 bed bugs and had to search THAT hard and ironically only came from your bed more then likely you brought the problem to your apartment. I'm not a landlord or anything along the lines of that. I'm a 21 year old student becom

ing a fitness trainer. I'm moving onto my 5th apartment and never had a problem anywhere. I've even lived in a building with cockroaches, ants, fruit flies, and bed bugs. Cockroaches were originally there but have never experienced them crawling where they aren't supposed to be (ie, bed)they arent the type of insects to bother people they are more the hiding type....so patch up the hole you punched...make sure there are no holes in cabinet doors or anywhere you think a cockroach will fit, same goes with ants although they are tricky (might come in from the winter cold) so again make sure all caulking is clean and make sure all baseboards are flush to the wall (with no holes behind them). If you have mice...then you`ve done nothing to maintain your apartment because anyone would notice a hole as big as a mouse. I only ever experienced fruit flies when i left empty bottles or garbage lying around but if you take your empties to the beer store and dont collect them til you move out you wont get that, same with taking the garbage out right away and dont let it sit til the morning or evening. My building was known for bed bugs but how is it that I didn`t have any? Probably because every day I swept my floors, mopped when necessary and went on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors once a week with a dish sponge (yes every week), i did my dishes once or twice a day, laundry whenever a load was ready and so on, all in all i never let things sit in dirt, i constantly cleaned so i would never have the problem...also washing your bed sheets more then twice a week would help the bugs to stay away and if your mattress is more then 7 years old you should get a new one anyways. People need to stop complaining and actually work towards a clean home...just because you rent doesnt mean that the place will be perfect 24hours a day 7 days a week. apartment buildings are getting worse and worse because people assume ``oh well i dont own this place so if it breaks i`ll move``...so what the next person can rent it and have a reoccuring problem? also if you`re moving into a building and are skeptical about bugs LOOK AROUND dont be afraid to open cabinets or search for holes...if you`re moving in there you want to make sure its good for you. most people take a quick look and sign a lease then 2 months later they find bugs....hmmm i wonder why. hopefully people will read this and think ``hey this girls got a point maybe it isnt the building`` (although most people like to point the finger then look at themselves) even immigrants assume our housing is perfect and they realize i must live in the slums if i have a bug so lets treat it like the slums...im sorry but if people stay away from assuming things or even relying on other people to fix their problems, we would have more well kept apartments. on average one building, no matter its size, will have one super and 2 landlords who do all the work. if that building has 150 tenants and every tenant says their apartment needs fixing by the next month...well sorry if it takes awhile or doesnt even happen while you reside there...rome wasnt built in a day. heck for all you know they might not be able to do the work so they have to hire contractors which means more money and if everyones rent is cheap oh my god i think that means it will take longer to get the money or rent increase! cant always get stuff for free unless your rich and famous (even then they might charge you more. My advice for the bed bug problem...make sure there are no holes or old caulking anywhere, do not let things sit and get dirty including clothes..lift those wet mats off the floor and clean all floors every day. if you can`t maintain that which is basic cleaning and taking care of your apartment then you dont deserve a home. There are many people out there who wish they had a home to clean so be grateful for what you have.

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March 23 2011

My son who is prone to allergies was getting massive itchy welts all over his body. After many dr appointments and checking daily for bedbugs we finally find one. So after nightly searches one then two then three. After spraying all mattresses with essential oils and cleaning bed linens we noticed they were only in our bedroom and nit my sons. After banning my son from our room he got no new bites. We are making a complete to office in the morning to have an exterminator co

me asap. Adding to the complaint will be a treat to have public health also make a visit. Will update you as to what is going to happen next

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Hi i am really glad i seen this site i think that ppl really need and should have the right to know were bed bugs are and how the certain buildings are handling this problem

1501 woodbine is infested to the max. i moved in here 3 yrs ago and about one yr in me and my girlfriend got bed bugs we got rid of them tho. now my nightmare has come true again i moved down to my moms in the same building about two months ago. just 3 days ago i found out that my moms apt has now been infiltrated by thes

e little enoying pests. not only bed bugs but roaches,mites, mice, and other bugs i have never seen all in one apt.

the building which is ran by slum loards does not give a shit they do the bare minimum to get rid of the on goin problem. do not and i mean DO NOT move in this building unles u wanna deal with living like this . I personally think this building should be knocked down and that is a very hard thing coming from me because i have loved this building 4 my whole life. i was always saying how awsome the trillium was but now it is the worst building i kno off due to lack of care .

We has the ppl of toronto really need to get 2gether and try to have the city do something about the epidemic goin on in our city. In 2008 the city launced a bed bug proghram in which they were supose to be trying to deal with it but i havent seen no signs of them even begining .

So i end this with have a good nite sleep tight and if your in 1501 then definatly the bed bugs will bite.

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we reported bedbugs on several occations...got treated and moved out!!! This building is infested with every thing from bedbugs, cockroaches, silverfish and others. BEWARE!!

LOTS of bedbugs and roaches. Beware. We moved from one apartment to another and both were infested.

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