77 Norfinch Dr
Toronto, ON M3N

Found 2 reports:

We stayed one night here (March 15, 2011) and over the next several days have found itchy spots on our bodies. I have not actually seen a bedbug, but the bites are in small groups and can be very itchy. I have about 20 bites and my 2 children have some also. I have not been in contact with the hotel yet to enquire if they have bedbugs, just checked here to see if it had been reported. We made no other stops on our trip, so did not pick them up anywhere else.

My husband checked out today from the Travelodge Hotel at 77 Norfinch Drive in Toronto, Ontario
(Canada) and only today he saw in the morning the bedbugs. When he went to complain to the manager, he said that he knows, that they had some people from Guatemala, who brought them in.

Now hopefully we can get rid of them by just washing and drying all his clothes.

Thank you !


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