35 Wynford Heights Crescent
Toronto, ON M3C

Found 3 reports:

Lots of bed bugs and cockroaches in this building --- ruined my 2 mattress.

I agree with other tenants comments about M&R Holdings and Rafael Tablada (property manager)

I'll be moving out when my lease contract ends

This place is managed by M&R Holdings - total thieves --- the main problem crook and thief is Rafael Tablada (Property Manager) He doesn't do much for the tenants and their living condition.... cockroaches and bed bugs in the building. These guys are rip offs --- DO NOT RENT HERE

This is a rental building by M&R Property Holdings - There are tonnes of bed bugs that residents report but Management never does anything. When new tenants come, they are told that there are no bed bugs in the building - but that is a lie --- I live in the building and me and my neighbors have cockroaches and bed bugs in their condos.... DO NOT RENT here --- I am planning to move out ASAP

No nearby bug reports