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I discovered the problem exactly the beginning of November. I was living with a homestay family on the 27th floor of our apartment building. I noticed a bed bug on my bed. Also, I had many bites all over my body which were really itchy. I showed the bug to my homestay parents, including my bites, but they didn't take the situation seriously. They didn't tell the apartment manager at all. Last week, my homestay roommate reported that he now has many bites, too.

I found a new place to stay, bu

t I am upset and surprised that the homestay family is trying to have more ESL students stay there before the situation is solved. My agency stopped using this family as a homestay, but the family found 'another agency to give them ESL students.

My only hope is that any agency that helps ESL students find homestays checks this bed bug registry often to find out if there are potential problems with future accommodations.

If you are a homestay family, TAKE ESL STUDENTS BED BUG COMPLAINTS SERIOUSLY! It's WRONG to take rent money from them when you are not providing them with a comfortable room to stay!

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