48 Winlock Park
Toronto, ON M2M 1Z2

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I stayed at the address: 48 Winlock Park after booking it online from booking.com First of all it is not a legally registered Hotel. It a house sectioned with many dry walls rooms run by a crooked Chinese man they call Tao or John. At night we woke up when we started feeling itchy, when we turned on the light, we could see several bedbugs running around to the edge of the mattresses. My skin was crawling, itchy and red swells later appeared. Immediately we called the owner at this number: +1-647

-764-1788. He never answered the call till next day. Yet the owner advertises that there is 24 Hour concierge. There is no concierge at all. All lies. We never slept that night, we kept the lights on to keep the bed bugs away or see them if they approached us. Next day the owner laughed at us saying that since we were from India, we were the ones that brought the bed bugs from India. But one of the guest's a black lady on our same floor told us that the rooms had been sprayed a couple days ago for bedbugs. We demanded our money back, and at first the Tao was resistant to give our money back. WE threatened to call the Toronto City Enforcement, then he gave us back our money. Do not ever go to this place. It is very loud and dirty, with the black lady playing very loud music and talking very loudly with another scary old dirty white man. The main door is always open, and scary people are walking in and out at night.

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