3050 Pharmacy Ave
Toronto, ON M1W 2N7

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On Feb 19 2021 I woke up with what appeared to be a single bug bite on my arm. Over the next two days more bites appeared on both arms.
On the 3rd day of waking up to a couple bites (About 18 in total over both arms) I cleaned all the bedding and pulled the whole bed apart to find one single bed bug.
I immediately brought it to management’s attention who have scheduled pest control treatment ASAP. When scheduling the treatment they also mentioned a previous Bed Bug Infestation on a lower fl

oor of the building earlier in 2021.

Upon clean and preparing for the pest control treatment it seems it may have been a single bug or that the infestation was caught very early.

*3050 Pharmacy is an 18 floor rental*

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