140 Adanac Dr
Toronto, ON M1M

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shit place. dont come here

housing connections tryed to set me up with an apt here and because of the bed bug problem i have used up one of my 3 choises ,picking on the poor wayne priest [email protected]

This is an outrage. I also have had to change my mattress two times now i have to throw out my couches and no one cares.This is a government building but because we are poor they treat us like trash.I think it should be a mandate to tell people that the building is infested before they move in.The problem has gotten so bad that the BEDBUGS ride the elevators.The whole building need to be sprayed one time to eliminate the problem otherwise the bugs will just jump from one apartment to another.

Place is badly infested!! Will the government do anything to help?

I am writing on behalf of a very good friend of mine who unfortunately does not have the means to do this himself. I have been working with him to get rid of the bed bugs for over 1 YEAR now!!! When I first went with him to his apt in June 2009 I actually couldn't believe my eyes...it was like the futon mattress that he slept on at the time was moving from all of the bugs!! Needless to say we got rid of everything in there and had the place sprayed. The problem was so bad that we had to spray

it 3 times just to get his apt clear. But the real problem is that this place is absolutely infested!! Spraying his place alone is not the answer the ENTIRE building MUST be done!! Otherwise it's just like trying to hold your own against a little army. Still today in October 2010 we are dealing with this terrible problem. I have contacted community housing and will not stop contacting them until I have some answers. Community housing is meant to help people that are less fortunate but all I see is people being marginalized. They can't stand up for themselves and in some cases can't speak up for themselves so it's a classic case of hear no evil see no evil and I have to say I'm beyond sick of it! My friend works very hard but has a disability so unfortunately he is restricted on what he can do. It drives me absolutely crazy to think of how many people we are allowing to live like this and just think, 'well, that's what you get for living off of the government.' Very wrong on so many levels and very unfair to paint everyone with the same brush. I would LOVE to hear of a solution but until then I will work on getting my friend the hell out of there because to be honest the conditions are so bad I wouldn't let my dog live there. My friend will be okay...eventually, I just worry about the ones that don't have someone looking out for them. How long will they have to live like this before someone takes notice?

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I've lived here for 3 years and have had to change my mattress set 2x!!!! I've refused to take my last mattress set out of it's factory sealing, but even with that I sometimes see the little critters trying desperately to make me a midnight snack. This building is governement funded and caters to seniors. The unfortunate and sad thing about low income seniors is that they like to collect other peoples gargage. With this being said, everytime someone throws out furniture that is crawling with the

little blood suckers someone drags it back in to the building spreading the bedbugs further. Many residents have complained to the super but for some reason they will only spray units where the resident has made the complaint. This does nothing if their neighbour stays silent. I'm actually on this site not only to complain about this residence, but to find somewhere in the city where I can live bedbug free!!!!!!

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