50 Burn Hill Rd
Toronto, ON M1L

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This building has serious bed bugs issues , I have raised multiple requests for the treatment but it's coming again and again. The building is not providing proper treatment that is the main problem

This building still has bed bug problems. The untidy behavior of certain tenants causes the spreading as I assume they are too embarrassed or ignorant to tell the property managers. Tenants are moved to another apartment when they complain enough to management causing the bugs to spread from apartment to apartment.

I had to replace all of my newly purchased furniture after having moved in to 50 Burnhill Road...if only I had used Google to research this address!

Management for the building has changed hands numerous times in the last 10 months. Current management has difficulties keeping superintendents and cleaners. Crime and property damage is rampant within the building. Currently, one of the property staff are facing criminal charges for assaulting tennants.

Once again, I regret not having Goo

gled this building, I would not have moved in had I researched this address!

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We noticed rashes on our bodies and blood spots in the bed cover. As we became suspicious today I suddenly removed the picture frame that we hung from the wall and found two red bed bugs on the wall. I squashed them with a sandal and noticed blood.

We actually replied to a kijiji ad for a sectional sofa that was for sale by a tenant at this address. We drove to the location from the Niagara Area and purchased this sofa for $100.00. My husband had a suspiciosion of something like such but I said no, someones not going to sell that to someone. Upon arriving home after our hour and a half drive home we placed it on our porch intending to clean it and inspect the couch the next day. I could not go to bed not knowing so I went and inspected it

with a flashlight and sure enough I spoted a criter. I knew that it was a bedbug as I had just finished checking it out on line. I posted a ad on kijiji alerting people to this person selling his furniture and someone sent me the link for this registry and thats great because it just proved to me that this was sold to us intentionally. I am disgusted that this individual saw fit to rip us off our hard earned $100 and risked infesting our home and disrupting the lives or ourselves and our three small children.This couch was meant for the garbage dump not for ripping off people. To the owners of the building I am appauld that you have not taken care of this issue. Shame on you for expecting these people to live in this. I can only imagine the horror that they go through living inside those walls.

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This place is infested. The building management has known about this since 2009 and didn't bother to advise tenants until this spring. You see furniture being brought out on a daily basis to be discarded. No info has been given to the tenants advising how to prevent the problem.

Building is infested. Apartments above and beside my unit were infested. Tenants moved out and bugs promptly moved into my unit. It's been sprayed three times but no luck in getting rid of the bugs.

This Building is infested!!!!!! every tenant in this building I have spoken to including myself have been infested with bed bugs...this buildig mangment is soooo unstable that since I have lived here there has been over 4 new building managers...one of the managers tried to tell me we had fleas!!!!! we did not of course, we did in fact have bedbugs and they finally agreed to have our apartment sprayed along with our neighbours....this building is disgusting, it is full of drug users, alcoholics

and bed bugs!!!! the offer no last months rent to new tenants but renter beware this building has more to nasty things to offer than anyone can bargain...The cops are there EVERY day this is no joke, DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! mangement sucks, tenants are low class and building is infested with bed bugs

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