3950 Lawrence Ave E
Toronto, ON M1G

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This place is a dump! No matter what you do or how clean you keep your home the roaches just keep coming! The Management does not care about this building and constantly have new Supers who do not care about the up-keep of the building at all.

On top of the roaches we got bed bugs and had to throw out all of our furniture. We developed a serious rash and just the stress and anxiety this caused was too much and we left.

Management will try to threaten you with collections if anything breaks

in your unit. A closet door that is over 20 years old falls off the hinges and they try to tell you that you have to pay over $100.00 to replace it.

DO NOT EVER LIVE HERE!!! Unless you're ok with roaches crawling over everything you own and sleeping with bed bugs!

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Well, Ive been living here for a few years now and I never really seen any bugs at first. After the first winter and spring came along, i would wake up every morning to many dozen cockroaches in the kitchen and bathroom. I am not a cluttered person and i keep my apartment clean. Dishes are washed and dried right away and food is never left out, but not matter what I did, the roches just kept coming and coming.
The building then had their yearly maintenance for bug control and I ended up talking

with one of the bug guys. Apparently, the building got rid of the old bug company as they we're too expensive and refused ti water down their own products so the building would save money.
Every year since, their bug control consist of some gel they make a mess with, but does nothing at all for the bugs.
I have been in the elevator with the supers and heard them tell potential rents "that the building is bug free"

Thats just the roaches.

The bed bugs are out of control from what I hear as well, but I have not had any dealing with them

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