264 Main St W
Hamilton, ON L8P 1J6

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I am a tenant at this address and moved in several years ago. I am currently focused on working on my Phd.Living in a clean environment is of utmost importance to me.Before moving into this building I viewed several other apartment buildings in the area prior and I can attest that this particular building was by far the cleanest. I am a happy tenant here. It is true that there has been an incident with bedbugs but the Landlord was prompt in dealing with the matter. Afterall this is Hamilton and

the issue is widespread. I rather be with this responsible Landlord than anyone else and during my tenancy I have also gladly recommended this building to my friends.

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I was initially notified that someone in the building reported bedbugs. I had yet to find anything, and the exterminator came to preventatively treat my unit. At that time the exterminator didn't see any signs of bed bugs in my unit. Flash-forward 5 month, and my living room furniture is infested. It's obvious that the infestation has spread throughout the building.

No bed bugs but cockroaches and mice. Building management has tried to get it under control and they seemingly go away for a few months but always come back.

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