222 Nonquon Rd
Oshawa, ON L1G

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8th Floor 222 Nonquon Road. Severe Infestation noted. Seeing 10 or more bedbugs come under the door every night. Traumatizing my children and continually biting all resident's in the place. Severe bites and rashes seen throughout the month.

Has started 2 weeks ago, Possible major infestation located somewhere nearby my sweet.

Sprays have started last week, to my knowledge I was the only one sprayed. No other Bedbugs found in the Apartment with the exception of near the entrance of the ap

artment. Coming from somewhere? Unknown to exactly where.

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"Stressed"... I'm sorry to hear that you have by now moved into this building. My unit was infested this year (2015)... yet I was told (by the super and the exterminator) that they had not had any reports of bed bugs for a year! So even with that false declaration, it was an admission that the building has a bed bug infestation. You can also google an Oshawa newspaper report from 2009, an article was written up about this building being infested with bed bugs. The fact that it has never been ext

erminated properly, as in all floors treated, not just isolated units, means they are still within the building walls, perhaps lying dormant (which they can do for up to 18 months without feeding off a host)... but it may be only a matter of time before a unit is infested again.
The super informed me that "just about every building in cities have bed bugs"??!! I lost so much, I hope the same doesn't happen to you.

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Also which floor were you living on when this happened ?

can you tell me how long ago you lived there

i am freaking out i am set to move there in four days!!! and we moved out of our last apartment because of bed bugs and we are traumatized from it. We cannot go through this again. I dont know what to do we gave them first months rent to save the apt for us!!!!

When I lived there, my unit became infested with bed bugs. They sprayed my unit several times, but it did nothing to get rid of them. They did not spray the units beside, above or under mine. They didn't inform any of my neighbours of the bed bug issue either. After each extermination, the bug problem got worse. I had more bites than ever before. I lost all of my belongings, couldn't take any of it with me for fear of transporting bed bugs to my new place.
Beware of this building! When a tenant

leaves, the units are renovated, which I believe causes the bed bugs to hide within the walls of the building. But it's only a matter of time before the newly renovated units become invested, as this bed bug issue has been around for many years in this building.
I was so relieved to leave... despite having to walk away with barely anything!

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My next door neighbour moved out, they sprayed his unit and 3 weeks later I found a bedbug in the apartment. We were not notified that our next door neighbour had a bedbug infestation and no we're paying for it. They only fumigated my unit after that, failed to notify the neighbours. They should have fumigated the whole floor, a floor below and a floor above but they have failed to do so.

I have been living here for years. They have bad maintenance in the first place. I have put atleast 10 work reports fro them and nothing has been done. One of the tenants on our floor got bedbugs and none of the neighbors were notified by it. I ended up getting them and the landlords basically told us it was "our" fault. I have been trying to get out of this building for awhile because of the problems, but this just put the icing on the cupcake. I really don't recommend this building to anyone.

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I seen a girl from 222 Nonquon apt 503 that has been dumpster diving for stuff and articles for her appt. This girl has been told before not to do that, but continues to buy and sell the stuff and look in all dumpsters in the surrounding area. I thins she may be your source on that matter as she is very dirty and collects everything for dumpsters.

Where to Begin?This building has been infested for over 1 year and the landlords have been evicting people that cause any TROUBLE.We know now after watching about 15 families move out during a 1 month period,that they had bugs.How do we know?The Building managment had all thier belongings put into a special bin with a net/Screen over all the furniture.Here's the good part!The maintenance guy was selling the furniture to other tenants in the building and they removed all stuff without bags coveri

ng anything.They have denied to every tenant (they won't even look at me cause I am taking them to court) .I saw the beds outside by the garbage bins.and they all had the little crap spots in the seams.Anything else people threw away was being picked up by poor students that live in the building.I know of at least 8 units at 222 Nonquon that have them,here is the question I have.If the place is infested already with ants what makes the tenants think the bedbugs won't get to all the units too.I know the little building across the street has them too.Take the landlords to court People!!!it is 45 bucks to do it and you will be rid of this problem then,you fumacate ,wrap,wrap,seal,seal,steam,steam,throw away bed and couch,move .all in that order to for sure get rid of this "Nightmare on Nonquon" Thats the reality of this place.If people(Landlords)only knew the damage they are doing by denying this .It will become so huge of a infestation in time...look at Toronto.The city of Oshawa should be asshamed of themselves for not acting prompt with this bunch of criminals .so gross.

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They have been in my unit off and on for 14 months,I have a high powered steamer and once a month isteam my couch and bed and furniture.It makes amess of the bed as it melts them instantly.I suggest everyone get asteamer(for clothes)There are also 2 other units on the floor and I see people with the biotes on theier legs and arms.Look at google and punch in Oshawa Nonquon bedbugs and you'll find out the story ina local paper.The landlords are scumbags and deny everything,also an awfull red ant p

roblemin the building.I'm takin them to court as I found out the womens shelter was evacuated and the last tenant was from the shelter.The whole city knew it was infested why would they rent to this girl.

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